Turbocharge your Company's Charitable Spirit with Apps for Good

We’re living in a new age in the workforce. Philanthropy and day-to-day work activities are mixing in ways that can create real change in our communities. To that end, a new generation of apps is rising to meet the demand of employees participating in charitable activities. That’s one of the reasons Okta announced Apps for Good in 2019. As your company looks for innovative ways to enable corporate giving and volunteering, these pre-built integrations in the Okta Integration Network offer you a way to deliver scalable, seamless, secure and high-impact technologies to your workforce.

By bringing Apps for Good to your organization, you’re joining a global movement of companies who are giving back at an unprecedented scale. Specifically, the Apps for Good ecosystem includes apps that focus on tools such as charitable donation processing, volunteer management, digital volunteering, and platforms for giving. This diversity of apps is designed to fit into the culture and vision of any organization, no matter what business model defines their bottom line.

The diversity of apps in this ecosystem means that you can find the tools that fit your company’s unique culture and vision. Companies such as Benevity, Kiva, and Ovio exemplify the very best of this approach, and we’re proud to name them as part of the Apps for Good program.

For example, Benevity is a platform that empowers socially-conscious brands to give back in a variety of ways. It enables employee giving (via payroll deductions or credit card payments) corporate matching and provides a platform for volunteer event management. Employees can also create their own giving or volunteer campaigns via the site.

Kiva is another incredible organization that is changing the way your employees can make a difference. Kiva enables anyone to securely lend money to borrowers in more than 80 countries who are often financially excluded and can’t access other fair and affordable sources of credit. Since its founding in 2005, Kiva has processed more than $1.4 billion in loans with a 96.8% repayment rate.

Ovio is the newest member of the Apps for Good ecosystem. Ovio enables anyone to contribute to open-source software projects for nonprofits that need help. This is a great way to provide a skills-based, pro-bono volunteering opportunity to your developers. Ovio’s pre-built integration with Okta includes just-in-time provisioning which streamlines the user access and management process, allowing you to quickly and securely deploy Ovio to your team.

Are you ready to help lead your organization’s efforts to make a positive change in your community and around the world? Talk to your colleagues about which Apps for Good might be right for your organization. If you have questions about Apps for Good or Okta’s own social impact initiatives, please visit okta.com/okta-for-good or write to us at [email protected].