Driving Impact and Empowering Nonprofits Through our $10 Million Commitment

It has been an unexpected year. From COVID-19 and global calls for racial justice, to catastrophic fires from Australia to the West Coast of the U.S., we are living in unprecedented and challenging times. We are seeing continuous, urgent, and growing needs across the globe. 

For many of us, the last few months have been a difficult journey, but for many in our communities, finding food, shelter, and essential supplies has become nearly impossible. As a result of these intersecting crises, the demands on the social safety net are greater than ever. New solutions are needed to help people get the services and support they need quickly. And we know from our partners that technology can help address these needs.

Empowering nonprofits with technology

At Okta, we’ve invested in giving back to our communities by making it a strategic part of our company. Okta for Good, our social impact arm, works to strengthen the connections between people, technology, and community—an opportunity that is even more critical today. We are committed to leveraging our philanthropy, people, and products to help more nonprofits around the world accelerate their missions with technology. 

For this reason, we launched our $10M philanthropy commitment and Nonprofit Technology Initiative earlier this year at Oktane20. Our goal is to contribute to a paradigm shift in how nonprofits are funded and empowered to make the shift to digital. With this initiative, Okta is deepening our commitment to support urgent community needs by enabling nonprofits with technology, and working through ecosystems, networks, and partnerships to do it.

Investing in impactful missions to address current needs

We’re excited to take the next step in this work by announcing our latest funding round. We’re committing nearly $1M in grants over the next three years to four leading nonprofits. These nonprofits focus on the digital infrastructure that nonprofits need to navigate the existing crises and rebuild even stronger in the years to come:

  • Benetech: We are investing in Benetech’s Service Net, a platform making it easier for real-time data sharing on the availability of social services across our communities. Those in need of these services will be able to better navigate the system and find support. 
  • VolunteerMatch: By mobilizing volunteers when we need it most, VolunteerMatch is the largest network of volunteers, nonprofits, and opportunities to make a difference in the nonprofit world. Our investment helps expand their reach and digital platform, unlocking volunteering at scale. 
  • NetHope: As a Founding Partner, we have recommitted our support to NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit. Technology can transform the way we solve the world’s toughest humanitarian problems. The Center is working to bring together the expertise of the technology sector with the on-the-ground experience of nonprofits to create a foundation for forward-looking organizations to deliver aid, relieve suffering, and build hope.
  • Technology Association of Grantmakers: Nonprofit organizations need funding for technology that can help them accelerate their impact. We’re investing in building an ecosystem of funders that understand the strategic value of technology to nonprofits, especially now. To push this movement forward, we are supporting the Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG)—if you are interested in joining us, connect here

At Okta, we continue to be guided by our belief that nonprofits should be as powerful as their missions, and we’re inspired by the leaders who are driving change. Find out more about our work and how to partner with us on this journey here