Okta Gives You Freedom and Flexibility—Here’s How

In today’s digital environment, identity is at the center of everything. That’s why we’ve made it our mandate to provide customers with an identity platform that gives them the freedom and flexibility to choose. Our goal is to enable organizations so that they can securely adopt best-of-breed technologies, retire cumbersome, legacy systems, and access the time and resources they need to actively focus on their core competencies. 

Leading companies know that Okta can support them with their top initiatives. Here are four main reasons why: 

1. Extensibility

At Okta, we understand that every customer has a different set of identity and access management needs. This is why we’ve developed Platform Services that our customers can access through our out of the box products, APIs, and integrations to meet an unlimited number of workforce and customer identity use cases. It also means that we’re constantly revisiting our platform so that we can continue to evolve with the needs of our customers. 

2. Neutrality

The neutrality of our platform allows companies to easily integrate over 6,500 leading applications. It also minimizes the complexities in your infrastructure, allowing you to lessen the load on your IT team, mitigate vulnerabilities, and enhance user experiences. This way, onboarding a new application is a seamless, unobtrusive experience for your admins—and your users can have frictionless access to the tools or services they need. Our modern approach to identity means that Okta can fully integrate with our customer organizations, acting as the secure, trusted entry point for their applications, APIs, servers, and more. 

“The key reason we chose Okta over Microsoft was not only user experience, but because of the flexibility it provided us that Microsoft would not be able to do without introducing a lot of complexity into our infrastructure.” — Anderson Chan, Enterprise Solutions Architect, Hitachi. 

3. Reliability

Today, companies need to be agile if they want to respond to the continually evolving needs of their customers, employees, and partners. With Okta, organizations like Hitachi and Cypress have been able to minimize the complexity of their infrastructure by retiring cumbersome systems like Oracle, Azure AD, ADFS and Forefront Identity Manager. This has helped them reduce the cost of operations, allowing them to focus on their own initiatives to rapidly—and securely—bring new capabilities to market. 

4. Customer-first mindset

Beyond our extensive suite of products, our customers have also benefited from a robust Customer First program, which supports them in rapidly achieving their identity-focused business objectives. Through these services, we’ve developed strong partnerships with our customers, allowing us to have important conversations and to incorporate their valuable feedback in our product roadmaps. We’re also consistently and transparently sharing our plans—so it’s easy for organizations to see how we can address their problems today, and tomorrow.



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