Meet the Modern Computing Alliance: Here’s How We’ll Shape the Digital Future

In our near digital future, every organization will need flexible, customizable, and best-in-class cloud solutions. And, as we revealed in Okta’s annual Businesses at Work report, our 9400+ customer companies are embracing app diversity, unifying communications, and streamlining employee and customer experiences—without compromising on security.  

Today, Okta and its partners are announcing a bold, new plan for taking enterprise digital evolution to the next level.

Meet the Modern Computing Alliance 

The Modern Computing Alliance consists of fourteen tech companies committing to working closely together to fuel the next enterprise tech revolution. The founding members, Box, Chrome, Chrome OS, Citrix, Dell, Google Workspace, Imprivata, Intel, Okta, RingCentral, Slack, VMware, and Zoom will address today’s thorniest challenges, from silicon to cloud. These founding members will play key roles in outcome-oriented working groups that focus on delivering solutions in areas of high need and impact for organizations today. 

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A bold leap forward: Focusing in on establishing Zero Trust 

The goal of the Modern Computing Alliance is to deliver a product roadmap that helps solve key enterprise challenges. Defined areas of focus for 2021 include business model innovation, security and identity, healthcare, remote work & productivity, and performance & compatibility. For Okta, this means a critical opportunity to work directly with other transformative companies to help our customers firmly establish the Zero Trust security posture they need. 

Okta’s been a pioneer in Zero Trust, and we’ve helped thousands of customers replace old perimeter defenses with identity-centered security that enables remote work at scale. But this unprecedented collaboration among the most powerful makers of enterprise software, hardware, devices, and systems will make it possible for us to create deep product integrations. These connections that will help customers manage their complex workforces, understand and remediate threats quickly, maintain intuitive user experiences, expand opportunities for productive collaboration, and a lot more. 

Together, Okta and its Modern Computing Alliance partners will forge new products, processes, and protocols to help customers get to Zero Trust quickly.

Why it matters

By committing to a multi-year collaboration, the Modern Computing Alliance partner companies will be well-positioned to tackle bigger challenges, and to create thoughtful, innovative, cross-platform solutions that power digital evolution for the next generation of customers. 

Take security, for example. For too long, gains in enterprise security have meant extra burdens  for end users. This is exactly the kind of challenge the Modern Computing Alliance can address. Customers can easily integrate best-in-class security tools across their stacks, while simultaneously keeping the enterprise ecosystem safe, centralizing fine-grained controls for IT, and enabling their workforce to stay productive. 

What happens next 

At Okta, we’ve always been about powerful software that integrates seamlessly—just ask the Okta Integration Network’s 6500+ partners, who work with us to modernize IT, build seamless customer experiences, and protect against data breaches. The philosophy of the Modern Computing Alliance is right in line with our own. This is why we feel strongly that together we can provide a secure, simple experience that takes our customers to the next level, freeing them to focus on driving value.

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For a deep dive into their members and mission, watch the Introducing Modern Computing Alliance video.