Okta for Startups

Free identity tools for entrepreneurs

About the program

Secure your organization by using Okta’s identity tools for employees, contractors, and partners through the Okta Identity Cloud; or build secure user management into your web or mobile app using Okta’s API.

Okta IT Products

As your company grows, so does the portfolio of products that your employees use on a daily basis. Easily manage access for up to 25 users, including single sign-on, automated provisioning / deprovisioning, and basic MFA.

Okta API Products

Start building faster. Add authentication, authorization, and user management to your web or mobile app within minutes. Access our enterprise-grade product for up to 20,000 Annual Monthly Active Users.


Okta for startups provides one year of free access for up to 25 users with Okta IT Products and up to 20,000 Annual Monthly Active Users using Okta API Products. Both include standard support. For more information on eligibility, reach out to our team using this form or email us at [email protected].

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