Federal Healthcare Identity Podcast Series

The Fed Health Identity Podcast Series is brought to you by Okta. In each episode, we will be speaking directly with current and former government leaders and influencers about the best IT strategies to drive mission success for federal health agencies. We will also be shining a light on top government executives and programs that can serve as IT playbooks for success for any agency.

Part 1

Episode 1: IT Modernization at the VA

For our premier episode of the Fed Health Identity Podcast Series, we are speaking with Dr. Himanhu Singh, who is currently the Director of Medical Informatics at DSS and has had an 18-year career at the Department of Veterans Affairs with his last 8 years in leadership roles. His most recent assignment was the COO/Associate Director at both the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System and West Palm Beach VA.

In part one of a two-part podcast, Dr. Singh is joined with Michael Giroux, Federal Healthcare Manager at Okta. Dr. Singh and Michael will be discussing the role of IT modernization at the VA, and how key innovations can help both Veterans and VA clinicians.

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Part 2

Episode 2: IT Modernization at the VA Part 2

In part two of our podcast series, Dr. Singh and Michael Giroux continue their conversation from part one and discuss how COTS-based solutions can help the VA, the current EHRM program, and what the future holds for the VA when it comes to innovation.

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