Okta in the Making, A Documentary Film

This real-world documentary explores what it was like to build an identity platform at one of the fastest-growing tech companies during one of the hardest years in modern history.

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Okta in the Making, A Documentary Film is the story of 2020 at Okta. It was a year of immense change for the world and our company, and this film tells the story of what Okta employees and customers went through and what we were able to build and create despite the difficult circumstances.

From the creators

“We decided to try something new...film the year as we lived it. Share the ups and downs, the hard stuff, and the hope. You’ll hear from people all over the company about what they’ve built inside and outside of Okta this year.” — Jenna Kozel King, Vice President of Corporate Communications, Okta

“I just hope people take away this sense of community and a feeling of camaraderie because I really feel like the humans that we got to meet and that told us our stories are the stars of this film.” — Julia Reagan, Documentary Director

Behind the scenes

Get a behind-the-scenes look in an exclusive interview with the director.