Okta + Aquera

Automate lifecycle management with out-of-the-box and built-on-demand connectors to any application and HR mastering from any HR app.

The Challenge

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Okta + Aquera extends HR-as-a-Master to any cloud or on-premises HR application source including Oracle HCM Cloud, ADP Workforce Now, Ceridian Dayforce, and 20 others

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With many different HR apps, business apps, directories, databases, and devices often in use–both on-premises and in the cloud–in an organization, building and maintaining individual connectors to each resource can become time consuming for IT teams and systems integrators

Okta Product - Lifecycle Management

But without secure connections in place across all systems, organizations cannot achieve the full potential of automated, end-to-end lifecycle management

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And with their user information stored in disconnected HR applications can’t automate end-to-end IT onboarding and offboarding

The Solution

  • Okta + Aquera extends HR-as-a-Master to any cloud or on-premises HR application source including Oracle HCM Cloud, ADP Workforce Now, Ceridian Dayforce, and 20 others
  • Okta + Aquera extends lifecycle management provisioning to any cloud or on-premises application, directory, database, or device
  • Aquera has over 300 pre-integrated Okta provisioning connectors, each with an Okta-native configuration experience, and additional connectors are built on-demand in 1 to 5 days each
  • Aquera connectors are broad and flexible syncing any attribute, provisioning of attribute subsets, orchestrating asset cleanup on deprovisioning, and using robotic automation when APIs and database access are not available
  • Aquera connectors are real-time, stateless, and synchronous, and do not store any transaction details or user credentials - user credentials are stored in Okta
  • The Aquera service runs on AWS and annually goes through SOC 2 type 2 and HIPAA audits


The Aquera SCIM Gateway Extends Okta’s LCM Reach.

The Aquera SCIM Gateway Extends Okta’s LCM Reach


Easily master user profiles and attributes from multiple sources into a Universal Directory

Okta and Aquera work together to enable you to pull user profiles and attributes into a centralized user store, Universal Directory, drawing data from multiple sources including cloud and on-premises directories, CRM systems, HR apps, and partner or contractor databases. Okta’s Universal Directory, synchronized with its multiple sources, enables multi-source mastering of users, which gives organizations flexibility and control, and sets the stage for fully automated lifecycle management.


Okta Use Cases for the Aquera SCIM Gateway.

Okta Use Cases for the Aquera SCIM Gateway


Simplify and automate user lifecycle management

Once user identity has been centralized, Okta and Aquera can then securely connect those users to all the applications, databases, directories, or devices your organization authorizes them for, whether on-premise or in the cloud. With Okta integrated with the Aquera SCIM Gateway, organizations can quickly and seamlessly automate provisioning and deprovisioning across all connected apps, including automatically deactivating employee accounts (and reclaiming their software licenses) upon termination.


Generate comprehensive Access Audit Reports

Aquera discovers user entitlements from applications, databases, and directories connected through the Aquera SCIM gateway, and passes that data to Okta. Okta compiles this with entitlement data from other connected apps into an Access Audit Report that compares discovered entitlements with expected entitlements, which is useful for auditors and improving processes.


Securely automate identity lifecycle management across your organization

  • Automate lifecycle management across all cloud and on-premises infrastructure
  • Import user data and attributes from HR directories and partner apps into one central store
  • Seamlessly connect users to all the apps, data, and devices they’re provisioned for
  • Onboard, manage entitlements, and deprovision users and groups centrally and automatically
  • Compare discovered entitlements with expected entitlements for audit reports and analysis
  • Automatically deactivate employees on exit, and immediately recycle freed user licenses
  • Easy deployment of on-premises connectivity via outbound polling Aquera on-premises agent or via VPN option; agent can reside on same servers as Okta’s AD agent


Easy to Deploy for Cloud and On-Premises Applications.

Easy to Deploy for Cloud and On-Premises Applications