Okta + Atlassian

Give your teams streamlined, secure access to the tools they need

The Challenge

  • Employees need secure, easy access to Atlassian’s suite of tools to help teams reach their full potential
  • For IT, manually provisioning and managing users across all Atlassian products, and all other apps in use across the enterprise, is time consuming and can put the organization at risk
  • As organizations pursue strategic initiatives, like enhancing security, while also moving to the cloud, IT teams need technologies to streamline workflows and accelerate these initiatives

The Solution

Okta Identity Cloud and Atlassian Access combine to provide seamless identity and access management to your Atlassian cloud products

End users get secure single sign-on to Atlassian Access, as well as to individual apps, for an easy log-in experience that enables users to be productive quickly

IT teams get tools to automate user lifecycle management with SCIM provisioning, increasing security while saving time

Enterprises can accelerate their move to the cloud, easily connecting to existing Active Directory (AD) or LDAP directories to bridge the gap between on-premises and cloud applications

Simplify and secure access to Atlassian cloud apps

Okta’s Single Sign-On (SSO) enables one-click access to Atlassian cloud products, including Jira Software, Jira Core, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, and BitBucket. End users get an easy and consistent log-in experience across Atlassian’s suite of cloud products, as well as other applications connected to Okta. Admins get centralized management of cloud users and security policies, and fine-grained access controls, including multi-factor authentication (MFA).


Automate user lifecycle management

SCIM provisioning available through the Okta + Atlassian integration lets your team manage the entire user lifecycle easily, efficiently, and in one place, rather than across dozens (or more) applications. Automated onboarding and offboarding not only frees up valuable IT time, but also enhances security by immediately removing access for users who leave the company or transition to a role with different access.


Okta integrates with Atlassian Access to offer simple, secure authentication.


Connect everything, from cloud to ground

Okta integrates directly with on-prem apps and directories, including Active Directory and LDAP directories, helping secure your users’ identities across the board and giving IT admins the tools they need to manage access securely and efficiently.


Not yet an Okta customer? Not a problem.

Atlassian Access customers who are not yet Okta customers can get a Okta embedded within Access, at no extra charge. This brings you all the benefits of Okta, including SSO, MFA, lifecycle management, and AD and LDAP directory integration, to help you quickly and securely connect to your Atlassian cloud products. When you want to extend your Okta benefits beyond Atlassian Access, contact us.


Make your Atlassian apps easier to access and manage

  • Give employees secure access to Atlassian’s cloud apps through Okta’s familiar SSO experience, backed by strong multi-factor authentication
  • Easily integrate with apps and on-prem directories like AD and LDAP to centrally manage users and automate provisioning throughout the employee lifecycle
  • Accelerate your move to cloud with scalable, identity-focused security that boosts confidence