Need help accessing the Okta Partner Community?

Follow these easy steps to get started.
Okta login screen.


1. Navigate to the login page at:

2. If you have an Okta login use it here to login

3. If you do not have an Okta login click “Registration Support” and “Request Okta Partner Community Access”


1. If you do not have an Okta login you will register for the partner community by completing this form

2. The community will be searched for your partner record and you will receive a message indicating the next steps to set up your Okta User

Okta registration form.

3. You will receive a Welcome to Okta! Email - click the link to Activate your Okta account

4. Go to the Apple App Store to Install Okta Verify (or Google App Store to install Google Authenticator)

Okta Partner Community screen.

5. After downloading Okta Verify, open the app, create your Okta user and click Submit

6. Follow the steps to Setup Multi-Factor Authentication (guide on the next page)

7. Land in your Dashboard and click on Partner Community chiclet

Verification screen.

Multi-Factor Authentication Setup

1. Upgrade to the latest version of the Okta Verify Mobile app

2. Click Set up 

3. Scan the barcode that appears with your device

4. Choose your device type then click next 

5. Choose which method you’d like to receive your activation link

6. After you successfully sign into Okta, you’ll see the Okta Verify Authentication screen, allowing you to verify

Okta verify steps