Okta + DataGrail

Ensure sustained compliance with privacy requirements, while increasing transparency and control

The Challenge

  • Privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA continue to evolve, yet most technology platforms were designed and deployed at a time without these regulations in mind
  • Organizations are held accountable for complying with stringent and changing privacy requirements, too often relying on disparate, manual processes to try to keep up
  • Understanding and managing a data subject’s consents often includes manually inventorying systems and propagating access and deletion requests across multiple systems and owners
  • Email consent is often siloed by departments or systems—like marketing, customer service, and sales—so customer preference changes aren’t necessarily reflected everywhere

The Solution

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Combine industry-leading identity management with a purpose-built privacy management platform to facilitate continuous compliance with privacy laws.

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Discover and map personal data wherever it lives across your own and connected third-party systems in seconds—not weeks or months.

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Operationalize and centralize your consent and privacy request workflow, synchronizing user preferences and instantly propagating changes across all systems, to meet end user expectations.

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Give legal and security teams visibility into personal data storage across the enterprise, to stay effortlessly compliant even as laws evolve.

Simplify data privacy management

The Age of Privacy requires enterprises to adhere to a new standard of transparency. Okta + DataGrail work together to ensure your legal and security teams have up-to-date, accurate privacy information, while eliminating manual configurations and time-consuming data inventory surveys. DataGrail’s privacy management platform discovers personal data wherever it’s stored, across third-party applications, data lakes, and internal systems, using the live data to continually refresh a comprehensive Live Data Map as new systems and fields are added (for example via new third-party integrations). Through a read-only API integration with DataGrail, Okta can further enrich this Live Data Map with authentications and additionally surfaced information, giving legal and security teams visibility into personal data across the enterprise.


Provide seamless, centralized control over user preferences

DataGrail integrates with 100+ popular business systems like Salesforce, Adobe, and Oracle to centralize rights requests, so your teams can operationalize fulfillment with no additional coding required. DataGrail’s centralized preference center (via a customized link in the footer of every email) empowers users to manage their email consents and propagates changes across all enterprise systems that communicate with them. Security and compliance teams can review and fulfill requests with just a few clicks, and the system generates compliance logs, to demonstrate continuous compliance. And, when using Okta as the identity provider for DataGrail, enterprises can easily and securely self-manage their users.


Okta and DataGrail.


Reduce risk and ensure sustained compliance with evolving privacy laws

  • Combine industry-leading identity management with a purpose-built privacy management platform to secure and simplify preference management
  • Automate the discovery and mapping of personal data from third-party apps, data lakes, and internal systems for legal team visibility
  • Centralize privacy requests from all connected sources, so teams can address them globally and propagate changes across all systems
  • Provide users with easy-to-use tools to manage their own privacy requests, taking the burden off internal teams
  • Stay continuously compliant as privacy laws evolve, generating accurate real-time logs to demonstrate compliance and reduce risk