Okta + Epic

Delivering simple and secure access to sensitive digital healthcare records

The Challenge

  • Staying compliant with evolving DEA regulations, particularly around prescribing controlled substances
  • Offering clinicians seamless secure access to patient records when they are not on the hospital network
  • Allowing patients to access their own records, and play a leading role in managing their care

The Solution

Strong Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) protects users and data, and ensures compliance for electronic prescriptions

Okta + Epic work together to let healthcare providers confidently provide access to healthcare records from the cloud

Authorized healthcare providers and hospital staff can safely access patient records from any platform or device

Make DEA compliance automatic

In the US, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) requires that clinicians prescribing a controlled substance, generally an opioid, must go through strong authentication before completing the prescription. Okta’s MFA integrates into Epic’s E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) and meets DEA requirements for strong authentication. At the same time, doctors enjoy a seamless and secure experience that integrates with familiar prescription workflows. At the same time, doctors enjoy a seamless and secure experience that integrates with familiar prescription workflows.


Simplify access to web portals like Epic MyChart and EpicCare Link

For patients, Okta’s Single Sign-On (SSO) enables simple, secure access to Epic MyChart, a web-based portal that centralizes all their health information in one convenient location. Patients can see test results, download forms, add information, and more, all with a single login. For healthcare providers and hospital teams, Okta’s SSO provides smooth, secure access to patient records and other healthcare services in EpicCare Link. Authorized personnel can login once to instantly and securely access electronic healthcare records, communicate with patients, schedule appointments, and more.


Okta + Epic integrate to make healthcare tech simple and secure.


Okta + Epic: Help healthcare enterprises confidently take advantage of cloud-based workforce efficiencies

  • Protect digital prescriptions with strong MFA prompts, providing continuous DEA compliance
  • Enable a seamless, secure experience for doctors to prescribe controlled substances that integrates with familiar prescription workflows
  • Quickly, securely connect patients and healthcare providers with the sensitive health data they need
  • Enable remote healthcare professionals to work within the system from any device and location