Okta + LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Understand identity and prevent fraud while optimizing the user experience.

The Challenge

Documents that prove your identity can be forged and more situations require verifying identities leading to the rise of sophisticated fraud tactics.

Transactions, payments, and services are being done digitally, both widening the attack surface and heightening expectations for improved customer experiences.

As organizations evolve with digitization, a lack of internal resources to build and maintain identity solutions prevents the ability to tackle complex identity challenges and focus on customers.

The Solution

Reap the most secure, flexible form of identity protection in the constant battle against cybercrime by better preventing, detecting, and investigating fraud.

Leverage outside, comprehensive data records to authenticate identities in near real-time.

Deliver a secure and innovative solution that validates and verifies identities while providing a frictionless customer and constituent experience.

Futureproof your authentication capabilities

Okta’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), combined with the LexisNexis® Risk Solutions identity verification capabilities, delivers a powerful seamless solution that helps organizations validate and verify identities to provide a seamless and secure experience. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions provides a holistic 360° view of identities by marrying digital and physical identity insights, leveraging the power of billions of digital and physical records. With the addition of Okta’s authentication options, organizations can analyze user behavior from interactions across other devices, platforms, and industries across the globe. Protection can then be extended to include account takeover protection, identity theft detection and synthetic identity account registration detection.

Best-in-class protection against escalating and evolving identity risk threats

  • End user experience is a priority. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions and Okta believe you can deliver a secure and optimal user experience by truly understanding identity. 
  • Identity management solutions should be easy to implement and maintain. Organizations evolve with ever increasing digitalization. Simplicity is preferred as organizations grow with less resources. 
  • Modernization, innovation, and end user preference demand a multi-channel offering for both direct, and integrated offerings.

Market leading identity verification and authentication

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, proprietary linking and advanced analytics improve identity transparency and ability to identify fraud in real-time using a multi-layered, risk-based approach.
  • Power of a digital intelligence network that can easily integrate with your applications and network infrastructure.

Peace of mind with identity assurance

  • Full suite of identity verification offerings that support Adaptive MFA and increase the level of assurance in user identity, all while reducing authentication times.

Zero trust model strengthening

  • Configurable policies to support secure authentication by evaluating multiple risk sources and indicators to verify user identity and thwart malicious threats.

Use Cases

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