Okta + Productiv

Maximize the Value and Security of Okta with Productiv

The Challenge

Productiv is the only SaaS IntelligenceTM Platform for the modern enterprise. Productiv’s integration with Okta enables you to understand application adoption, increase company productivity, and optimize SaaS costs.

Organizations lack a unified view of app and feature-level usage by employees across their SaaS portfolios


App portfolio and license rationalization opportunities are limited without actionable data


IT spends too much time on manual license management tasks


The Solution

Single Sign-On (SSO), Lifecycle Management (LCM), SAML, SCIM/JIT, User Management, API

Real-time visibility into employee app usage for all Okta-connected apps (7,000+):
We provide feature-level employee app engagement data for a select set of apps with Productiv engagement connectors.


Better app cost management by aligning app licensing to actual usage:
IT teams can use app and feature usage insights to reclaim underutilized licenses and rightsize licensing tiers.


Easier operational scaling through end-to-end automation of app usage–based license workflows:
Productiv offers a no-code automation builder to create and manage license automation workflows. Workflows for deprovisioning and downgrading licenses via Okta are driven by app and feature-level engagement data in Productiv.


Get More Value out of SSO:

Get visibility into all of your SaaS applications, including Shadow IT. Identify applications that could benefit from increased security and Single Sign-On. See company-wide application usage, spend, and renewal data in a single console.

Manage the full license lifecycle and renewals:

Improve your SaaS management operations and get rid of your spreadsheets. Ensure the right licenses are in the right hands at all times and automate the ongoing management of licenses by integrating Productiv with Okta Lifecycle Management. Enable a data-driven approach for renewals and focus on rightsizing your license usage.

Drive application adoption and usage:

Improve overall company productivity and usage of SaaS applications. Continuously track new applications to be added to your Okta environment and get notified when applications are eligible for OIN Connectors or SAML upgrades. Understand feature usage across teams, and identify gaps and opportunities for new tools and training.

How Okta + Productiv work together:

Productiv connects to Okta via API and can be set up in minutes. Seamlessly connect core platforms such as finance & expense, contract systems, CASB, and HR platforms. Go even deeper by connecting to a range of SaaS applications for feature-level insights and a complete view of your entire application portfolio – even Shadow IT.

Productiv is a valuable add-on to Okta’s solutions. Okta customers are ready for Productiv when they:

  • Want to identify and reduce Shadow IT
  • Are struggling with keeping their SSO roadmap up to date and keeping a handle on SSO coverage, app spend, and ownership
  • Have an initiative to improve overall SaaS governance and increase security and compliance

For more information on this integration, go to Productiv.com

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