Okta + Zoom

Secure, seamless access to video collaboration


As organizations shift to distributed and remote workforces and look to increase external engagement, without relying on travel, a streamlined and secure collaboration experience has never been more important. Combining the power of Zoom, a world-class unified communications platform, with Okta’s identity management platform allows users to quickly and securely collaborate with coworkers, partners, and customers. This combination not only increases employee productivity from day one, but also ensures a secure experience with little IT overhead.

The Solution

Safely enable a modern, collaborative workforce while simplifying life for your IT department

Enable your workforce with streamlined, secure access to an industry-leading video-first unified communications platform:

  • Provide secure, frictionless access to world-class collaboration tools across all devices
  • Automate manual IT processes like provisioning and profile updates
  • Improve IT visibility with comprehensive reporting
  • Streamline deployment by syncing with existing user masters like Active Directory, LDAP, or HR information systems


Enhance workforce productivity

Okta’s Single Sign-On (SSO) makes it easy for users to get access to Zoom from day one, so they can instantly start collaborating on projects, tapping into Zoom’s powerful functionality through Okta’s easy interface.


Increase IT efficiency

Integrating Zoom with Okta enables IT teams to safely automate provisioning, significantly reducing the time they spend onboarding new users and making sure those users have appropriate access to Zoom’s features and functions. With Zoom as a pre-built integration in the Okta Integration Network, enterprises can sidestep the ongoing costs of application connector maintenance and push Zoom “wall-to-wall” across the organization from day one.


Improve security

Leveraging Okta to apply a zero-trust security approach to Zoom access with Okta helps reduce security risks, without sacrificing user experience. By unifying access through SSO, IT can ensure only the right users have the right level of access to Zoom and layering on adaptive multi-factor authentication policies ensures an improved security posture in higher-risk scenarios. By automating lifecycle management, IT teams can also easily prevent lingering access when users change roles or leave the organization.

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