Okta + Zscaler

Deliver Seamless Authentication and Security to Cloud-Based Applications

How Ciena securely serves 8,000 hybrid employees

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By adding Okta’s best-in-class identity and access management to Zscaler’s cloud solution, system admins can now apply zero trust security policies to every employee, regardless of where they are or what device they’re using.

The Challenge

For efficiency, employees need quick, secure access to cloud-based enterprise apps and assets

Companies need to control and moderate this access, both to the Internet and cloud resources

Multiple user devices, the new mobile workforce, and hybrid IT environments raise new security challenges

The Solution

Okta + Zscaler provides a unified, reliable solution for securing cloud initiatives

Shifts the security focus from perimeter-based to identity-based, ensuring trust is built using the user’s identity and context

Reduces risk, improves user experience, and simplifies management and deployment

How Okta + Zscaler work together

Easily manage employee access to the internet, SaaS, and private applications

Zscaler lets IT securely control user access to the Internet, SaaS, and private applications. With details and context provided by Okta’s best-in-class identity and access management, IT teams can automatically apply access restriction policies to each authenticated employee group.

Confidently provide cloud-based enterprise software to employees

With Okta + Zscaler, companies can quickly and safely deploy scalable, cloud-based enterprise software across the entire workforce. Provisioned employees can use Okta’s Single Sign-On (SSO) to connect directly to apps like Salesforce, Google, and Office 365 with no lag, whether they’re inside or outside your perimeter. Okta’s MFA protects the connections at the identity level, so your employees can safely enjoy new productivity gains.

Provide complete, seamless security for all users and assets, wherever they live

For today’s enterprise security, there’s no perimeter to protect. A mobile workforce, collaborating in constantly shifting ways, employs multiple devices both inside and outside your perimeter to access an ever-changing set of external sites and applications. The Okta + Zscaler integration lets you safely evolve away from perimeter defense, and simply and securely protect user identity across your workforce and enterprise assets wherever they live.

End-to-end zero trust security for total workforce access control


  • Let employees access cloud-based resources as securely and easily as on-prem resources
  • Fine-tune cloud access based on group permissions
  • Automate workforce provisioning and deprovisioning
  • Arm your enterprise to take full advantage of cloud-first transformation initiatives, including Office 365 and more


With Okta + Zscaler, enterprises can…


  • Increase agility and lower TCO with efficient, scalable cloud solutions
  • Enable a seamless experience for end users and IT
  • Reduce attack surface with safe and secure connections between users and data, wherever it’s stored 


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