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Forrester Report March 2017: Healthcare Must Embrace Zero Trust to Address PHI Vulnerabilities

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Healthcare payer and provider organizations invest in securing protected health information (PHI) but must also invest in strategies that holistically secure the whole environment. From POS systems to mobile devices to internal and external user access, today's security and risk (S&R) professionals must work with their CIOs to move to a Zero Trust framework that ensures the security of their environments. CIOs should use this report to understand the ecosystem that must be secured and begin to establish a framework for embracing Zero Trust in healthcare.

Read this analyst research report to learn why healthcare organizations must:

  • Re-examine Their Approach to Security

    Healthcare organizations continue to have health record breaches via access from unrelated systems, such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and POS systems. Organizations must conduct a data flow analysis and assess all their network assets as a first step toward mitigating their security risk.

  • Embrace A Zero Trust Framework

    Healthcare organizations must do more to protect sensitive patient information from hackers. Implementing a Zero Trust network is a best-practice action for CIOs and S&R professionals to respond to increasing threats.

  • Add Data Encryption to Your Security Arsenal

    Healthcare organizations have historically relied on network and user permissions to manage access to secure data, but this alone is inadequate because it is simple for hackers to undermine. Organizations must begin taking steps to encrypt all sensitive data.

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