Minimize Active Directory Dependency as You Move to the Cloud

Microsoft's Active Directory (AD) has been a cornerstone for authentication in enterprise-grade systems for years—responsible for features such as SSO and storing sensitive login data. As organizations shift from legacy on-prem infrastructure to SaaS apps, they find AD hinders the speed, efficiency and results of their modernization initiatives.

However, there are still hard-to-replace AD dependencies. So you need a modern identity and access solution that eliminates the roadblocks AD creates in your hybrid IT environment and easily scales as your cloud adoption grows.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Common patterns organizations face in their journey from on-prem to the cloud,
  • Why it's hard to modernize to the cloud with Active Directory, and
  • How Okta can reduce the complexity by achieving a smaller and simpler AD footprint and seamlessly integrate your on-prem and cloud applications.

Watch the Webinar

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