Okta's Active Directory Integration

As organizations adopt more SaaS, administrators must manage an increasing number of independent and siloed user directories. Users’ passwords proliferate with each new application, and administrators quickly lose control of who has access to what. When a user leaves the organization, many businesses don’t know which applications to deactivate accounts in, nor do they have any automation or auditing capabilities to ensure deprovisioning occurs in a timely manner. In contrast, Microsoft Active Directory (AD) regulates access to critical on-premises resources such as the network, file servers, applications, and other objects by connecting them to a unified user store.

As explained in this datasheet, Okta’s on-demand identity and access management service offers the most complete, robust and easy to use Active Directory integration that enables IT to extend AD to the cloud for SSO, automated provisioning, deprovisioning, and reporting across web-based applications, whether they are in the cloud or behind the firewall.

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