Okta + Work.com: Quickly and Easily Deploy a Comprehensive Contact Tracing Solution

Okta + Work.com.

Contact tracing is a critical tool for slowing the spread of communicable diseases like the Covid-19 coronavirus, by helping admins identify the individuals an infected person has been in contact with to contain widespread transmission. State and local governments are quickly stepping up efforts to implement contact tracing on an unprecedented scale: It’s been estimated* that the current effort will require more than 100,000 contact tracers, all dialing in remotely and delivering a steady stream of user and contact data that will need to be carefully coordinated on a close to realtime basis. Governments must mobilize quickly to meet this unprecedented challenge. But help is on the way. Industry leaders Okta and Work.com combine their best-of-breed solutions in a unique partnership that enables a quick start for a contact tracing initiative that scales.