Modernize Identity and Enhance Security with Okta and AWS

Okta (acquired Auth0) provides a comprehensive, inteĀrated identity-as-a-service solution that helps companies manaĀe user access across any application, device, or location, and is built ÿrom the Āround up on AWS. ToĀether with AWS, we protect and enable employees to be productive, and help consumers securely connect with an orĀanization’s online services. Our combined solution lets you manaĀe user identity and access ÿor the applications you build ÿor employees, contractors, partners, and customers. Okta oÿÿers 18+ inteĀrations ÿor a variety oÿ AWS technoloĀies, and inteĀrates with new and existinĀ technoloĀies in your stack.

Modernize identity

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