Protect Against Breaches

Forum 2018 may be over, but the insights go far beyond it. Here’s your chance to see what you missed. Learn how security experts tackle today’s most sophisticated threats and compliance needs with identity-driven security tools.

Security and Compliance Deep-Dive: Adaptive Authentication and Device Trust for Enhanced Security

Chris Niggel, Director, Security and Compliance, Okta
Swaroop Sham, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Security, Okta

Take security, and user experience, to the next level with new Okta security features. See how adaptive features and device trust can be used in your organisation to enhance security without burdening the end user.

Security in the API Economy

James Feng, Director, Product Marketing, API Products, Okta
John Bazley, Application Support Manager, Alzheimer's Society

Technology has revolutionised how we interact with the world around us. The critical systems we rely on are pervasive in every imaginable format and on every connected device. Unfortunately, our security practices haven’t kept pace with this evolution and every day people and companies fall victim to identity theft, data breaches and irate customers and employees. 

In this talk, we’ll look at the industry approaches to authentication and authorisation, the tradeoffs that come with each strategy, and how we can, and why we must do better. By changing our mindset and building on a reliable foundation of well-established standards, we can protect our systems and users now and into the future.

The Future of Identity and Security

Karl McGuinness, Senior Director, Identity, Okta

From password reset to passwordless authentication, providing secure authentication and contextual access management has never been more critical in today’s perimeter-less world. In this session, Okta's Senior Director of Identity, Karl McGuinness, will take you through the evolution of Identity and Access Management, as well as discuss emerging trends in identity and security.