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Customer Identity

API Security with USAA

Hieu Nguyen, Technical Architect, USAA
Payal Pan, Regional Principal Solutions Engineer, Okta

Looking deeply into the complex ecosystem around APIs and where security gaps are created. Learn how USAA uses Oauth 2.0 and OIDC on top of Okta to secure their API driven claims process.

Roadmap: The Future of CIAM

Jiong Liu, Director of Product Marketing, CIAM, Okta
John Gronberg, Director of Product Management​, Okta

Meet Okta’s customer identity product leaders! They’ll tell you about Okta’s vision for CIAM to enable organizations to build seamless, secure customer experiences. You will also learn about the roadmap to meet advanced use cases around scale, agility, trust and integration required by rapidly evolving digital transformation needs.

Privacy and Consent Management in the Era of Personalization

Prashanth Ram, Sr. Architect, Partnerships and Corporate Development, Okta
Heather Wood, Head of Privacy Programs, Outreach.io
Gen Buckley, Security Assurance Manager, Okta
Mallory Surpless, Director of Customer Success, DataGrail

Our panelists are in the trenches of privacy compliance. They will talk about how to interpret privacy laws, discuss the challenges they've overcome when implementing privacy solutions, and discuss their strategies for staying ahead of future regulations.

How Cengage is Achieving Digital Transformation for Millions of Students

Michael Gossett, Technical Product Manager, Cengage
Kathy Waynick, Principal Customer Success Manager​, Okta

After Cengage launched an industry first subscription service for Higher Education digital software, they needed a solution provider who could not only support the transition during peak capacity, but who also shared a their vision for Customer Identity and Access Management. Michael Gossett, Technology Product Manager of CIAM at Cengage, explains why he chose Okta and explains how his company successfully deployed Okta Customer Identity to over 2.5 million students in just a short amount of time.

Learn How AAA Is Leveraging Okta to Deliver an Omnichannel Experience

Vishal Rohilla, Principal Solution Architect, Okta
Ryan Schaller, Senior CIAM Specialist, Okta
Randall Stomp, Architect, Auto Club of Southern California

As companies increasingly compete on customer experience, delivering consistent consumer interactions across all customer-facing channels like web and mobile is critical in today's disruptive business ecosystem. A unified customer identity solution is the foundation to deliver a connected and secure customer experience while bridging back-end data silos. In this session, you will learn how AAA is transforming its omnichannel customer experience and how Okta's Identity Engine can help you achieve the same.

Going From a Fragmented Identity to a Global Unified Shared Services Model

Philip Galea, Director of Engineering, Wood Mackenzie
Atul Bahl, VP, Cloud Infrastructure, Verisk Analytics

Join Atul Bahl, VP, Cloud Infrastructure and Philip Galea, Director of Engineering as they discuss their journey towards a centralized customer identity system. Learn about their successes and failures as they scale Okta, team by team, toward their ultimate goal of a fully unified system across their many business units.

OneTrust + Okta: Leveraging Privacy and Identity to Address Data Protection Operations

Jeff Barnett, CIPP/E, CIPM, Global Head of Technology Partners, OneTrust

The focus on consumer rights is increasing and data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA are raising the pressure for companies to provide mechanisms to let consumers make their data rights and preferences clear. Consumers now want the right to opt-in or opt-out of a range of marketing communications, as well as the ability to change their preferences at any time. However, utilizing manual process to accomplish this is a time-consuming and resource-intensive operation that can bog down the business. In this session, OneTrust and Okta will breakdown how organizations can quickly automate the consumer rights process including intake, ID verification, and fulfillment. As well as the collection, management, and deployment of consent preferences for compliance, giving customers streamlined, intuitive consent management tools without overly burdening IT teams or users.

  • Understand how to meet privacy compliance requirements by capturing customer consent preferences, updates, and timestamps in an auditable central repository
  • Learn how to automatically propagate updated consent preferences across all relevant apps in real time
  • Empower customers with easy tools to control their consent preferences, reducing reasons to globally unsubscribe

How a Cloud-First IT Stack Shapes Company Culture

Anisha Vaswani, Corporate CIO, Box

What does a cloud-first IT architecture look like? How does it shape and improve the employee experience? How does it improve security? Most important, how does the link between IT and culture foster innovation? In this speaking session, Anisha Vaswani, Corporate CIO at Box, will describe the company's cloud-native IT strategy and share real-world lessons and opportunities.

Your Phone and Your Face: Anchoring Users to Real Identities

Robert Humphrey, CMO, Onfido

Expectations of online businesses have never been higher. Customers expect frictionless and personalized experiences, while demanding evermore streamlined registration processes. And if they don’t get them, they’ll take their business elsewhere.The result: businesses are experiencing a profound tension. How do you balance frictionless registration and effective identity management, so that customers are more than just an email and password in a database?