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Future of Identity

Ask the Experts: Deployment Success With Okta Professional Services

Chael Banks, Vice President, Professional Services, Okta
Dave Fend, Principal Services Architect, Okta
Pragya Seth, Services Architect, Okta
Jyotsna Raghunathan, Services Architect, Okta
Lawrence York, Sr. Engagement Manager, Strategic Accounts, Okta

Join us for an interactive panel discussion featuring technical Experts who have architected and led the delivery for numerous complex deployments. Ask and hear your most pressing questions answered from this team of Experts.

APIs in a Regulated World

Keith Casey, API Problem Solver, Okta
Venkat Viswanathan, Senior Product Manager, Okta

By most standards, the API space is still the Wild West where the rules are few, the processes are undefined, and Postman is the only one you can trust. While that works in some industries, as APIs become more important and even fundamental in the healthcare, finance, and energy industries, the stakes become overwhelming.
In this session, we’ll explore the “Open Banking” standards to understand their various definitions in various countries, how they’re driving interoperability both nationally and internationally, and how to consider them going forward.

Trust in IoT? The Open Source Ecosystem is Coming to the Rescue!

Matthew Gregory, CEO, Ockam

Enterprises need to be able to trust the data that flows through their business operations. What happens when that data is generated at the edge, in IoT, or connected devices that live outside of the data center? How should you think about trust as your business processes move out to the edge? Moreso: how difficult will it be to build and operate this new generation of applications? In this session, we’ll discuss a framework for building trustful architectures and the importance of secure messaging between machines and the cloud – giving a view into the future for IoT by investigating what we have learned from the past decade of open-source, cloud-native application development. Here's a hint: It all starts with identity! Ockam is an Okta Ventures portfolio company.

PCI, SOC II and FedRAMP: Answering Your Compliance Questions

Shawn Maxim, Manager, Security Compliance, Okta
Michelle Tuggle, Principal Security Analyst, Security & Compliance, Okta
Ali Khan, Senior Compliance Analyst, Okta
Aakash Yadav, Sr. Analyst - Security and Compliance, Okta

Come hear 3, ten-minute lightening talks on how to leverage Okta for regulations like PCI, SOC II and FedRAMP, and bring your questions for a panel discussion with Okta's compliance experts.

Path to Continuous: Solving the Best of Breed Problem

Karl McGuinness, Chief Product Architect, Okta

A lot has changed since organizations first adopted federated identity-based solutions. Applications, data, and IT resources have moved outside the corporate network to IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS based solutions, each acting as its own resource domain with policies, authorization models, and sessions. Organizations are rethinking their identity and security architectures to address the shrinking perimeter based on zero trust principles.

While we have modernized some of the key standards and protocols with OpenID Connect and SCIM, we haven’t really revisited the core IdP/SP relationship to address the needs of the modernize enterprise, including solving challenges like continuous auth in a best of breed world. In this session, we’ll explore the challenges and opportunities for a modern identity and access control plane is a cloud and mobile-first world.

Shift Identity Left: Secure DevOps Automation With Okta

Ivan Dwyer, Group Product Marketing Manager, Okta
Kalpana Singh, Sr. Director, Product Strategy​, Okta

Move fast WITHOUT breaking things! Automating the delivery of software and operations of cloud infrastructure is essential to keep up with the pace and scale of the business, but what about security? This talk will cover best practices for securing automated DevOps pipelines, and the key role identity plays to ensuring the right guard rails are in place.

Using Okta gives you the best of both worlds - the ability to bake identity and access controls directly into your DevOps automation without the risk associated with static credentials. With a modern approach to Identity, security is no longer an afterthought, but rather part of the process, enabling velocity at scale without compromising challenging compliance requirements.

Tradeoffs Between Security and Privacy... Perceived and Real

Marc Rogers, VP Cybersecurity Strategy, Okta
Amélie Koran, Senior Technology Advocate, Splunk, Inc.

Join security and privacy leaders as they discuss tradeoffs – both perceived and real – between security and privacy, as well as recommendations for how to handle the balance in your organization.