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Roadmap: Tackling Complex Identity Problems with Workflows, featuring NTT Data

Danielle Kucera, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Okta
David Shackelford, Director of Product, Workflows, Okta
Krish Venkatraman, Sr. Architect, Okta

Learn about Okta’s vision for extensibility with Workflows, our new, no-code automation platform. We’ll discuss best practices for large enterprises with early customer adopter NTT, as well as how we’re thinking about future use cases such as Customer Identity, consent management, security, and more.

Tidying Up IAM With Okta

Neal Tillery, Sr. Solutions Architect, Okta
Brad Burton, IT Director, Cypress Semiconductor
Brad Goettemoeller, Enterprise Architect, Mercy Corps

How did Cypress Semiconductor and Mercy Corps use Okta to simplify and secure their IT environments while providing a top notch user experience to their employees? From automating a complex onboarding process with SuccessFactors and UltiPro, to deploying a true SSO experience for employees in complex and challenging work environments around the world. Hear Cypress Semiconductor Director of IT Brad Burton and Mercy Corps Enterprise Architect Brad Goettemoeller discuss their unique challenges and how they overcame them with Okta to deploy a simplified IAM experience that “Just Works”.

Okta Ventures: Accelerating Innovation in the Identity Ecosystem

Matthew Gregory, CEO, Ockam
Daniel Barber, CEO & Co-founder, DataGrail
Monty Gray, SVP, Corporate Development, Okta
Jody Shapiro, CEO, Productiv

Okta Ventures will present on its investments and work with startups at the bleeding edge of the identity industry with perspectives from its portfolio founders and investors supporting the ecosystem. Okta Ventures portfolio companies will explain how they are integrating into Okta’s platform and creating value in new and unique ways for their customers.

Roadmap: Okta + Microsoft, Integrations of Today and the Future

Venkatesh Gopalakrishnan, Director of Product Management, Okta
Snegha Ramnarayanan, Sr. Security Specialist, Okta
Vijay Pitchumani, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Apps, Okta

Technology is constantly on the change,Microsoft is no different. Discover how Okta integrates with Microsoft products such as Office 365 and Windows 10, including Okta’s integration with AAD Conditional Access, Windows AutoPilot and Windows Hello for Business. Learn how to reduce your on-prem footprint, customize your O365 life cycle functions and automation using Okta Workflows and move to a modern approach to adopt your Microsoft tools of today and tomorrow.

Roadmap: Growing the Okta Integration Network

Albert Chen, Product Manager, Okta
Unni Ravindranathan, Director of Product Management, Okta

Our vision for the Okta Integration Network (OIN) is to create a vibrant identity ecosystem by enabling developers and integrators to leverage the breadth of the Okta platform. In this session, we will start by providing an overview of the apps and extensions that exist in the OIN catalog today that our customers find most valuable to deploy within their organizations. We will also demonstrate the various ways that the core Okta platform can be extended for LCM and CIAM workflows including APIs, event hooks, web hooks and protocol based apps (SCIM, SAML, OIDC, etc.). Finally, we aspire to create world-class developer and administrator experiences for every step of the OIN journey from the ideation to testing and deployment phases for an integration - come hear our thoughts and share your feedback!

HPE GreenLake and Okta: Going From Zero to Launch in Just 60 Days

Travis Tripp, Technologist and Architect, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Jeff Janovich, Delivery Program Manager​, Okta

Join us in the journey that HPE took to launch HPE GreenLake Central, an advanced software platform with unified identity from Okta that provides customers with a consistent cloud experience to manage and optimize their entire hybrid IT estate. Learn how Hewlett Packard Enterprise successfully deployed Okta's org2org integration solution at record speed.

O365 B2B Collaboration Powered by Okta Workflows

James Flores, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Okta
Jay Bruton, Sr. Solution Architect, Okta
Rollin Morris, Sr. Solution Engineer, Okta

Managing access to one Office 365 tenant has its complexities, multiply that by 10 and now you’ve got a real problem. More and more organizations today are managing IAM across multiple Office 365 tenants due to M&A activity, partner collaboration or simply business unit complexities. In this session, learn how Okta Workflows can help you manage identities across different O365 tenants using a no code, event based, identity centric approach.

Powering Secure Collaboration Across Distributed Workforces

Rajan Kapoor Director of Security, Dropbox
Sarah Urbonas, Product Marketing Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Dropbox
Alex Rountree, Principal Architect, Dropbox

Teams today are adjusting to new realities of distributed workforces at a whole new scale. Join this session to learn how to set your distributed workforce up for success using tools like Dropbox and Okta to power secure remote collaboration.

How to Make SaaS + SSO Work for You(r Company) in the Time of COVID-19

Barak Kaufman, Co-Founder & CEO, Intello
Kelsie Skinner, Head of Marketing, Intello
Erin Merchant, Technology Evangelist, askSpoke

Social distancing is shining a spotlight on the changing nature of work and the increased use of SaaS in your environment. Learn the secrets from the SaaS experts on how to get more of those apps behind SSO, which SaaS apps to prioritize, how to manage shadow IT, and how to keep your remote workforce secure... with the end goal of automating security, compliance, usage, and cost management so your job is easier and your workforce stays fully supported.

How Anaplan Streamlines Employee Onboarding With Slack and Okta

Connor O’Brien, Senior Director, Business Operations, Anaplan
Pooja Mehta, Product Manager, Slack

Onboarding new employees can be complex, requiring the coordinated support of a wide range of teams across the company. A few stumbles early in an employee’s journey, such as a missed piece of information or the absence of a critical tool, can mean all the difference between failure or success. Slack connects to Okta to ensure your employees have access to the right information and the right people at the right time, starting from Day One. Attend this session to hear from Anaplan, who’ll share how they leverage Slack and Okta to streamline new hire onboarding and set their employees on an early path to success.