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Zero Trust

Roadmap: Security

Thanh-Ha Nguyen, Product Manager, Security, Okta
Tomer Mayara, Group Product Manager, Okta

Security is crucial for every organization. In this session we will cover Okta's security roadmap and vision on how companies can adopt Zero Trust principles to secure their customers and the extended enterprise.

Zero Trust for Hollywood

Steve Tran, Chief Information Security Officer, MGM Studios
Chris Cook, SVP - Post Production/Media Technology - Worldwide Branded Services, MGM Studios
Roderick Santos, Manager – Security Operations, MGM Studios

MGM Studios is one of the oldest and most iconic studios in Hollywood. Between all the theatrical and television productions MGM works with hundreds of third-party users and applications. Securing valued content is a challenge in the industry because of the unique nature of our workflows but adopting a Zero Trust Architecture and building stronger identities has drastically reduced risk. The same solutions have also improved user experience and adoption enabling the business to succeed and disrupt at speed at such a critical time in MGM history.

Securing Financial Services Workforce with Zero Trust

Chris Miller, VP Security Architecture & Engineering, Capital Group Companies Global
Sai Maddali, Product Manager, Okta
Brian Svidergol, Technology Engineer, Capital Group
Kelcey Lorenzo, Technology Engineer II, Capital Group

As Capital Group is moving to the cloud and sunsetting legacy infrastructure, they recognized the need to use modern approach to managing their devices and security posture. In this session Capital Group will share how they approached device management, device trust and strong authentication but also the security and user benefits they gained.

How FedEx Delivers Zero Trust Security at Scale

Pat O'Neil, Cyber Security Fellow, FedEx
Trey Ray, Manager Cybersecurity, FedEx
Ryan Rudnitsky, Sr. Customer Success Manager, Okta
Prashanth Karne, Cybersecurity Principal, FedEx

FedEx solutions connect people and possibilities. Connecting people with goods, services, and ideas creates opportunities and improves lives. FedEx believes that a connected world is a better world, and that belief guides everything they do. FedEx team members are at the core of the connected world and securing the devices, applications, and services used by those team members is not only critical to the success of their business - it’s a requirement. In this session, learn how the FedEx Cybersecurity team is deploying the Okta Identity Cloud using a Zero Trust Security approach to more than 500k team members.

Advanced Server Access: Roadmap and Journey to Cloud Operating Model

Thomas Duesing, Product Manager, Okta
Ivan Dwyer, Group Product Marketing Manager, Okta

Historical approaches to managing and operating access management solutions no longer work in a world where infrastructure dynamically spins up & down and may only last for weeks, days or even minutes. DevOps teams are using automation pipelines and managing their infrastructure as code - so why aren't you? 

In this session, you will learn why you should adopt an "everything as code" approach to managing your IAM stack. Hear how to leverage GitOps and Okta Advanced Server Access to streamline access to Cloud Infrastructure.

No Perimeter, No VPN, No Problem

Mark Loveless, Sr Security Researcher, GitLab

At Gitlab, a 100% cloud-based company with 100% remote workforce, it was clear that traditional perimeter based security solutions were not a fit. As they built a Zero Trust solution, they found a vendor landscape full of complicated or incomplete solutions. Join us to hear how GitLab mapped their approach, what worked and what didn't, and what are the key lessons they learned along the way.

Secure & Streamline Workforce and Customer Experiences through Modern Identity

Arun Shrestha, CEO and Co-Founder, BeyondID
Prashanth Karne, Cybersecurity Principal, FedEx
Freddie Coseglia, IAM Project Manager, Discount Tire​ 

Iconic brands such as Discount Tire and FedEx have undertaken identity modernization initiatives to achieve Zero Trust Security (ZTS) and superlative digital experiences for their workforce, partner and customer communities. Join Discount Tire and FedEx, Okta and BeyondID (Okta's Platinum Service Partner) for a panel discussion about 1) the challenges and opportunities these companies faced, 2) the identity modernization roadmap they developed, 3) deployment strategies they applied, as well as 4) their successes and lessons from their respective journeys. 

Protecting People: The New Perimeter

Ryan Kalember, Executive Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy, Proofpoint, Inc.

The combination of a threat landscape that continues to target users and their credentials and the inexorable shift to cloud has fundamentally changed how security teams should invest their time and their budgets. Join Proofpoint to hear how to leverage people-centric security and the Okta Identity Cloud to gain visibility, mitigate risk, and secure the cloud, turning people from your weakest links into your best protected assets.