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Oktane21 session videos

Roadmap: Investing in the Future of Okta’s Admin and End-User Experience

Jack Hirch, Okta
Katie Le, Okta
Beth Wang, Okta

At Okta we strive to build powerful products that simplify the complexity of managing identities, while providing end users with elegant, valuable experiences. Join us to learn Okta’s approach to providing next-generation capabilities and insights through an exploration of recently released features, what’s coming next and our vision for the future of IAM experiences.

Roadmap: Directories

Vijay Pitchumani, Okta
Tim Yeh, Okta
Kristina Cosgrave, Okta

A modern enterprise directory is essential for organizations looking to move to the cloud. Continuing to use legacy directories to manage access in the midst of digital transformation has inherent limitations. In this session we’ll share Okta’s vision for the modern enterprise directory and provide insights into the investments we’ve made to help customers move further along in their cloud journey.

Roadmap: Managing Device-based Access

Ankit Garg, Okta
Teju Shyamsundar, Okta
Sai Maddali, Okta
Emanuele Sparvoli, Intercom

Devices have become a critical part of any modern organization's Identity and Access Management strategy. From managing a BYOD policy, to supporting partners and contractors, to adopting MacBooks and new platforms, the growing number of devices has increased the attack surface for IT to manage. At the same time, devices also enable new opportunities to leverage device context for more secure authentication and better user experiences. Come hear our product team discuss deployment tips for exciting new features like Device Visibility, passwordless using Okta FastPass, and integrations with endpoint security vendors. And, learn about the core investments we continue to make in device identity, elevating devices to become a first class citizen in the Okta Identity Cloud.

AD, Post Mortem: Rubrik’s Transition to 100% Cloud

Lindsey John, Okta
Joseph Doyle, Rubrik

Forward-thinking IT departments are aggressively adopting the cloud to increase IT agility, decrease costs, and bolster their security posture. Though moving 100% to the cloud may be impossible for some, it is still a goal that many are exploring. Rubrik is an excellent example of such a company who is quickly adopting this cloud-only architecture.

Founded in 2014 and recognized as #9 on the Forbes Top 100 Cloud Companies last year, Rubrik has grown exponentially and needed to develop a cohesive identity strategy to manage their growth. Come hear Joseph Doyle, Director of Enterprise Security, talk through his ongoing journey of cloud migration, including removing their multiple AD instances, setting up robust access strategy, deploying a device management plan.

Okta and AWS: Making it Easier to use Workforce Identity in the AWS Cloud

Unni Ravindranathan, Okta
Ron Cully, Principal Product Manager, AWS

Giving customers better integrations that make moving to the cloud easier and deploying cloud native solutions is only natural for Okta and AWS. Over the past year, AWS and Okta have been working closely together to deepen integrations designed to help customers leverage Okta's Universal Directory and Workforce identity products with AWS native access management capabilities. This session will highlight how you can leverage these new capabilities to connect identities inside Okta to AWS and use them to manage access across all AWS accounts and AWS SSO-integrated applications.

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