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Oktane21 session videos

Ask the Experts: Maximizing the Value of Okta

Chael Banks, Okta
Jyotsna Raghunathan, Okta
Pragya Seth, Okta
Dave Fend, Okta

While we see each deployment as unique, we’ve also uncovered common challenges across our vast network of Okta customers. Our proven success methodologies and deep expertise help you mitigate risk and quickly achieve maximum value. Join us for a panel discussion featuring technical experts from our Professional Services team, who have architected and led delivery for numerous complex deployments. This is your opportunity to speak to the experts directly and ask your most challenging questions.

JetBlue’s Digital Transformation and Okta Journey

Christine Cognetti, Okta
Maryssa Miller, JetBlue
Manu Verma, JetBlue

JetBlue, one of the largest airlines in the world, successfully transformed their TrueBlue customer experience for more than 27 million members, who now authenticate through Okta. Join us to hear JetBlue share their story including lessons learned, challenges they faced along the way and their vision for the future of TrueBlue.

Supercharge Your Growth: Building a Future-Ready Identity Solution

Frank Dijkstra, Okta
Herman Schouten, Pon

As your company grows and evolves, you need an identity solution that can keep up. Pon is a global company with over 80 companies spanning across 27 countries, which means they needed a secure, scalable, flexible, and independent identity solution that could evolve with their dynamic IT landscape. During this session, Pon shares why they chose Okta as their "future-ready" identity solution, some lessons learned during their implementation, current challenges, and what they have planned in the future.

Moving the Zero Trust Maturity Needle

Aparna Roy, Okta
Jimi Reilly, University of Newcastle

After moving from a fragmented identity strategy to full contextual access with implementation of Okta MFA across all staff, the University of Newcastle has a new way of thinking about their identity strategy putting security at the center of the user experience journey. Join us to hear how one of Australia's leading universities partnered with Okta's Customer First team to successfully move the Zero Trust maturity needle from fragmented to full contextual access.

How KAR Global Is Scaling Customer Identities Across 17 Brands

John Kern, Okta
Gary Fields, KAR Global

For organizations with multiple business units, building cohesive user experiences across brands can be challenging. Join us as KAR Global walks us through their "Common Customer" journey to create a seamless common identity system for KAR's customers across more than 17 global brands. Gary Fields shares the challenges and lessons learned from modernizing KAR Global’s identity architecture, as well as their vision for the future.

How Chipotle Automated the Employee Lifecycle with Okta Workflows

John Kern, Okta
Nate Scherer, Chipotle

Join us as Chipotle walks through their journey with Okta and how through close collaboration with the Okta Customer First team, they successfully deployed Workday as a Master to automate the employee lifecycle for their employees. 

Influence Okta's Product Roadmap Through Okta ideas

Molly Masterson, Okta
Beth Wang, Okta
Rob Karel, Chipotle

Join us for an engaging panel discussion where Okta product leaders share how you can drive Okta's product roadmap by sharing your feedback, feature requests and ideas via Okta Ideas. 

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