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Roadmap: The Future of Customer Identity

Jiong  Liu, Okta
Levent Besik, Okta
Payal Pan, Okta
Yuliya Gorbunova, Okta

Join Okta’s customer identity product leaders for a session on Okta’s CIAM vision and roadmap. Learn how Okta’s CIAM roadmap will help organizations accelerate growth and innovation with modern customer experiences while meeting the scale, security, trust and integration requirements critical to digital transformations.

Enabling Trusted Digital Experiences with a Unified Identity

Christie Gifrin, Okta
Mike Towers, Takeda

Building seamless digital experiences in organizations with multiple brands and subsidiaries is challenging–but with a single, global identity organizations can create the secure, consistent and personalized experiences customers expect. This session will cover how Okta can serve as the platform for a global identity and how technology leaders at Takeda, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, are using Okta as the foundation for the “Takeda ID”, allowing patients, physicians, and caregivers to seamlessly access a multitude of services across brands with ease and confidence. 

How SmileDirect Club Builds User Experience With Okta Developer Tools

John Pritchard, Okta
John Fly, SmileDirect

Building seamless customer experiences is hard, especially those that impress today's digital consumer and drive growth without sacrificing security.  Multi-platform development often requires multiple teams and technologies. Okta's developer tools can help you spend more time on your app than your auth. Learn how SmileDirect Club architected and launched a fully personalized mobile and web experience in a matter of months. This session will cover the Okta developer experience and show how SmileDirect Club used Okta SDKs and web components to build and customize their B2C experiences.

Captivate Your Target Audience with an All-Around Customer Identity Experience

Payal Pan, Okta
Sandeep Kumbhat, Okta
Andy March, Okta
Christine Diaz Garvey, Crate and Barrel

Great customer experiences are no longer just nice to have, they’re a key differentiator between you and your competitors. Consumers seek brands that share characteristic attributes or values that they identify with, and they value connections with brands that give them opportunities for self growth. To build that connection with your consumers, achieving a true 360-degree view of your users requires a digital identity platform that tracks all of their interactions online and offline. And your customers also care about security, and your business’s reputation relies on keeping your customers’ personal data secure. Okta’s CIAM solutions allow you to know who your customers are, and enable you to create engaging experiences, while ensuring a secure, seamless and straightforward customer experience for them, at all touch points along the customer journey.

How HESTA Uses Okta to Increase Customer Trust and Optimize Experience

Heather Wallander, Okta
Sheena Peeters, HESTA
Abbe Majeed, HESTA

Building trust through secure interactions is a key component to any digital experience. This is especially true for HESTA, an Australian-based retirement fund for the Healthcare & Community services – primarily frontline-worker such as nurses, doctors etc customer-base. This session will cover how HESTA migrated its members to Okta without disruption and how the organization now uses Okta to increase security for customer-facing applications, improve member digital and support experiences, and enhance the applications that support members in reaching their retirement goals.

Transforming Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Admin UX with Okta APIs

Yuliya Gorbunova, Okta
Travis Tripp, HPE

As digital experiences improve in our personal lives, our expectations for how workplace technology should perform follows suit. Organizations today are investing in delivering seamless, intuitive and secure digital experiences for business customers and partners. When Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) launched GreenLake Central, a platform that provides customers with a cloud-based console to run, manage and optimize their entire hybrid IT estate, the team understood the importance of admin experience. This session will cover improving B2B user experiences with identity and how HPE built the customized and automated Greenlake admin console on top of Okta, allowing them to unify Identity and Access Management (IAM) across their customer's managed services.

The New Developer Experience at Okta

Bharat Bhat, Okta
John Pritchard, Okta
Albert Chen, Okta
Jeff Taylor, Okta

In this demo-heavy session, we will introduce the New Developer Edition and explore how Okta has made it easier for all developers to secure apps, protect APIs, and plug into DevOps automation. Join us as we show you the next generation of Auth tooling.

IAM Transformation Journey Panel

Rajnish Bhatia, Executive Director IAM, Comcast
Angela Grisafi, Senior Director Cyber Security, Baker Hughes
Mickey Roach, PWC

Join PwC for an engaging panel discussion with Comcast and Baker Hughes IAM leaders to learn from their IAM Transformation programs and Identity Journey with Okta, how to enable business and improve overall security posture.

Securely Accelerate Digital Transformation + Customer Experiences Through Modern Identity

Arun Shrestha, CEO and Co-Founder, BeyondID
Brent Maher, Johnson Financial Group
Melek Somai, Inception Health
Benjamin Doyle, ATN International

Derive key insights from Okta-BeyondID joint customers as they discuss how modern identity helps them adapt to the challenges a digital-first world. This session will focus on how to accelerate business transformation in a way that keeps cybersecurity and excellent digital experiences as top priorities. Learn about each digital transformation journey, as we cover both common and unique challenges, roadmaps, strategy, and successes and lessons learned.

Anchoring Digital Trust with Real Identity

Robert Humphrey, CMO, Onfido
Dhruvin Shah, Northern Trust

Now more than ever, digital trust is what makes the world go round.. Why? Because the pandemic has created a dramatic shift to online everything. Digital transformation has accelerated - what started as strategic plans were implemented overnight. And on top of this, fraudsters have become increasingly active and innovative. In this session, we’ll share real-world stories of how organisations around the world are rebuilding trust online, by anchoring a user’s digital presence to their real identity. 

Sponsored by Onfido

Combat Millions of Dollars in Fraud & Optimize the Digital Customer Experience

Lalit Ahluwalia, North America Health & Public Sector / Higher Ed Security Lead, Accenture
Zach Watkins, Director of Fraud & Identity Solutions Consulting, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

In this session, learn how Accenture, LexisNexis Risk Solutions and Okta combined forces and collaborated to help a State Department of Labor Office stop millions of dollars in unemployment insurance fraudulent claims with a fast and successful implementation.

Sponsored by LexisNexis Risk Solutions

MLB Combines Okta and OneTrust to Earn Audience Trust Through Consent Management

Stephanie Hanson, OneTrust
Neil Boland, MLB

In this session, you’ll learn about Major League Baseball’s journey to transparent customer experiences and earning audience trust. By leveraging Okta and OneTrust, MLB enhances the digital customer experience. From website cookies to mobile application consent, MLB ensures they are compliant with privacy regulations while respecting customers’ data choices. MLB will share insights into the key challenges they faced, and the lessons learned from working with OneTrust and Okta. ​

Sponsored by OneTrust

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