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The Keys to Decentralized Identity

Jared Hanson, Okta

Identity is key to everything we do in a digital world: from online banking to your favorite streaming services to your workplace apps, it serves as the core of your interactions with digital systems. Decentralized identity puts control of that digital ID in the hands of the individual, replacing traditional identifiers like usernames with IDs that are self-owned and independent – but delivering on this promise is easier said than done. In this session, we'll break down what decentralized identity is, the potential technologies that can help deliver on it, and the challenges that must be overcome to achieve it.

The CTI-League: Lessons Learned From Being a Cyber Avenger

Marc Rogers, Okta

The CTI League is a 1,500 person international security team spanning 80 countries and 22 timezones that works to protect medical facilities of all shapes and sizes from cyber attacks. Made up entirely from volunteers, the CTI League’s members come from organizations big and small, including industry groups and hackers as well as government agencies and law enforcement from all over the world. The league and its founders were recognized by Wired Magazine’s Wired25 award as well as 2020 SANS Difference Makers' Awards for making a difference during 2020.

During this session you will hear from 1 of the league’s co-founders – Marc Rogers – on lessons learned over the past year as well as what it has been like to protect critical infrastructure during a global pandemic.

Future of Digital ID Panel

Adam Rosenzweig, Okta
Dakota Greuner, ID2020
Giulio Coppi, NRC
Amy Paul, USAID
Safia Verjee, Kenya Red Cross

Identity is increasingly central to all aspects of modern life, yet more than one billion people lack verifiable or useful identification. Amidst all the challenges and opportunities presented by this gap, one thing is certain: digital identity will either solve this growing disparity or be defined by it. This session will illuminate some of the pressing issues and inspiring developments that are shaping the future of digital identity.

Benefits of Okta from McKesson: One identity platform for the future

Bora Repishti, Okta
Adam Dunn, McKesson
Will Pocknell, McKesson

Over the last few years, organizations have increasingly asked for a single solution to address their identity needs, regardless of user type and whether a user is accessing applications, APIs or infrastructure. This is especially important for large companies with complex legacy systems, decentralized environments, and many divisions operating separate data centers and technology stacks. Join us in a conversation with McKesson, a Fortune 10 company, as they discuss their journey towards identity modernization and standardization. Learn about the some of benefits they've experienced in their adoption of Okta, a key part of their roadmap to deliver secure and positive digital experiences for their workforce, partner, and customer communities.

Accelerating the Future of Transportation: From Human Identity to IoT

Molly He, Okta
Deanna Shannon, Wabtec

Wabtec, which merged with GE Transportation in 2019, is the largest rail manufacturer in the world. With over 150 years of experience, Wabtec leads in safety, reliability and efficiency of its rail technologies and had an opportunity to innovate its core tech stack - including identity - after the GE acquisition. In this session, we will talk through Wabtec’s journey to rebuild identity from the ground up first for employees, followed by key business partners and customers -- and what they’re exploring next with the Internet of Things and device identity for locomotives.

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