Hybrid IT

Oktane21 session videos

A Peek Into the Future of IAM in Hybrid IT

Eric Karlisnky, Okta
Lancelot M, Okta

Hybrid IT is not going away—if anything it’s expanding and becoming more complex as companies adapt to modern challenges. This session will cover how Okta helps address Hybrid IT needs by securing on-prem applications, replacing aging legacy tech, and building a bridge between cloud and on-prem. We’ll also provide a preview of how we’ll help our customers solve the challenges of the future. 

Rethinking the Role of Active Directory

Snegha Ramnarayanan, Okta
Gary Mayden, Pluralsight
Aaron Finnis, Beach Energy
Scott Reimert, Invitae

Reducing reliance on Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is a daunting, but rewarding task.

In this session, we present a framework customers can leverage to overcome this modern challenge, alongside organizations that are already on their Rethink AD journey. Learn how they got there, their tips & tricks, as wells as the benefits they're seeing today.

American Express GBT Consolidates On-prem Identity Management with Okta

Paul Makowski, Okta
Poonam Dasani, AMEX GBT
Tyler Colbeth, AMEX GBT
Sai Sandeep AMEX GBT

In this session, we will learn about AMEX GBT’s journey to centralizing On-prem Identity Management with Okta Access Gateway. From securing apps with SSO and MFA at scale, to improving the end user experience, and getting more granular insights and control across their environment. AMEX will share the key challenges, lessons, and accomplishments they experienced securing and modernizing on-prem apps with Okta.

Even Cloud-first Companies Need to Protect On-prem Applications

Kami Paulsen, Okta
Niro Cantillo, Avery Dennison

Join us to learn how Avery Dennison enabled thousands of users with simple, secure access to hundreds of apps with Okta Access Gateway. With this move, Avery Dennison was able to accelerate end user productivity while improving the security posture of the organization, and reduce costs.

Seamless Access Management for the Public Sector

Arthur Clark, Okta
EJ Widun, Oakland County
Shukur Mohammad, Oakland County

The county of Oakland relies on Okta to secure applications across their entire hybrid infrastructure and support mission critical services - from administrative processes to law enforcement - for the people of Oakland. As a public services organization on a path to modernize their IT stack, Okta is enabling seamless access management integrations between their own servers and the cloud.

Post-pandemic IT: Strategies for 2021 and Beyond

Molly He, Okta
Frederico Hakamine, Okta

COVID-19 accelerated IT modernization whether you were ready or not. With the rise of remote work and shifting expectations from employees and customers, IT must future-proof solutions to boost productivity and agility while ensuring security. In this presentation, we will talk through the lasting effects of decentralized work and IT strategies to position your organization for long-term success in the new normal.


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