Oktane21 session videos

Customer Identity Workflows in Practice with Bain & Company

Ajay Seetharam, Okta
Christine Kristen, Bain & Co

Learn about how Bain & Company reduced manual toil and custom code by connecting Okta to their marketing automation stack via Okta Workflows. We'll also dig into how they're planning to use the product in the future to cover use cases like privacy and consent management. 

Customer Identity Workflows 101

Danielle Kucera, Okta
David Shackelford, Okta

Learn about Customer Identity Workflows functionality that's launching this week, as well as what's planned for the future. We'll be covering new use cases, connectors, pricing, and platform improvements that will make your entire Okta Workflows experience better. We'll also be digging into the biggest learnings from our customers during our Early Adopter Program and what's in store for the near-term roadmap.

The Rise in Value of Digital Trust and the Importance of Identity

Rod Schultz, Head of Product Security, Zoom
Max Krohn, Head of Security Engineering, Zoom

Zoom and Okta are working together to help meeting participants rapidly authenticate one and other, establish trust, and increase the value of transactions that are increasing in frequency as well as value on Zoom.


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