Lifecycle Management

Oktane21 session videos

How Okta Uses Lifecycle Management to Enhance Productivity & Security

Ken Neff, Okta
Laura Beaverton, Okta

Okta's own BT team uses Okta and is often Okta's harshest critic – a good thing! Learn from Ken Neff, Senior Enterprise Architect, and Laura Beaverson, an Identity Engineer on the Okta on Okta program, about how they use Okta to address challenges that customers like you share. These practitioners will discuss vision, common on/offboarding challenges, solutions, learnings, tips and tricks, and workarounds.

Drive Provisioning from Your HR System to Modernize On/Offboarding

Ryan Bradley, Okta
Tarell Evans, Sonos
Lee Murray, Verinet

While many organizations use AD as the authoritative source for provisioning, this model is becoming dated. It often relies on brittle, patchworked, intermediate processes to get data and signals from the real source of truth: HR systems. Why not drive provisioning directly from HR? This has many benefits: increased productivity, strengthened security, and better compliance. Join this session to learn about best practices, typical setups, and recent enhancements in HR-driven IT Provisioning.

Lifecycle Management 101

John Yape, Tegna

Is managing your users' lifecycles challenging? Do you rely on scripts, manual processes and tickets? In this session we cover the basics of lifecycle management and discuss useful features in the Okta Lifecycle Management product. Specifically, we address how to integrate authoritative sources and automate onboarding/offboarding. We'll show a demo of Lifecycle Management and hear from John Yape of Tegna, an Okta customer, about how they use the technology.

Roadmap: Lifecycle Management and Workflows

Arvil Nagpal, Okta
Vijay Pitchumani, Okta
Kelsey Nelson, Okta

The challenges of managing the lifecycles of your employees, contractors, partners, and customer identities are larger than ever. Organizations need more extensibility and customizability. Join this session to learn how Okta’s vision for the Lifecycle management product will help you get it all under control. We’ll discuss recent innovations and the roadmap for the upcoming year. Topics include Workflows, HR as a Source, and Identity Fabric.

Lifecycle Management Workflows

Aaron Yee, Okta
Neil Azarro, Peloton
Dan Bowden, Xero
Crista Murphy, Cengage

In 2020, Okta launched Lifecycle Management Workflows to give IT admins the power to automate complex identity-centric processes such as onboarding & offboarding, creating unique usernames, and more without code. Learn about Workflows and what it can do. We'll also chat with three customers about the use-cases they've solved and plan to solve with Workflows.

Creating Custom Integrations on the Okta Platform

James Flores, Okta
Pragya Seth, Okta

Do you need to provision to an app that’s not in Okta’s app catalog or perform an action beyond basic CRUD of identities? If so, this session is for all you advanced IT admins, software vendors, and Okta delivery partners who wish to create custom integrations on the Okta platform. Learn about the options for provisioning to on-premises apps, SCIM-enabled third party or custom apps, and apps that support REST APIs. We'll demo a few too!

Reimagining Employee Lifecycle Management with Slack and Okta

Enrique Jenkins, Doordash
Curtis Salinas, Slack

The shift to supporting a distributed workforce has required us to rethink our IT strategies, not only in terms of the mix of tools our teams use, but in regard to the new ways our teams are working. Attend this session to hear how Slack and Okta are at the core of Doordash’s IT strategy and seamlessly automated the entire employee lifecycle. You’ll learn how these tools saved IT time, improved the employee experience, fostered company culture, as well as increased security and compliance in preparation for Doordash’s recent IPO.


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