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End-to-end Encryption and Mutual Authentication Between Cloud and Edge Apps

Matthew Gregory, Ockam
Mrinal Wadhwa, Ockam

A builders guide to Trust in autonomous connected applications. We'll show how cloud services can establish lightweight secure channels with IoT and edge devices that guarantee end-to-end data integrity, authenticity, and authorization.

A demo will show how a fleet of machines can be enrolled with cloud services and how applications can exchange attribute based cryptographic credentials to ensure granular, dynamic, policy driven access control.

Bridging Privacy and Security via SSO

Daniel Barber, DataGrail
Prakash Kewalramani, World Wrestling Entertainment
Sarah Gratti, Drift

A privacy program is only as good as its data discovery. With an increased focus on privacy from Europe's GDPR, California's CCPA and CPRA, and Nevada's SB220, companies are seeking ways to ensure their privacy programs are scalable, automated, and secure. Learn how privacy and security teams can leverage SSO to build their privacy programs and create trusted platforms across all customer

Bridging the Gap Between Physical & Digital Identity

Brooke Lierman, Okta
James Segil, Openpath
Samy Kamkar, Openpath 

The separation of physical and digital worlds leaves IT systems vulnerable to physical security breaches; today’s world requires a more holistic approach to security. This is true more than ever before, as the surge in remote working in 2020 has teams logging in from home in many locations, while their physical workplaces have less regular attendance that’s now moved to a scheduled rotation for teams to comply with social distancing density requirements. 
In their global deployment, Intercom uses Okta and Openpath to bridge the gap between physical and digital security, providing a frictionless and secure user experience regardless of where users are. Leveraging the open API architecture Openpath provides, Intercom was able to combine access control with their security suite including Openpath’s native integration with Okta to automatically sync users across the system making it quick and easy to issue or revoke credentials for both an improved security posture and an increased ROI.
Giving customers the ability to synchronize users in real-time not only results in fewer vulnerabilities for physical access to locations, but also helps make sure that as new employees onboard in the company, they have quicker and more immediate access to the physical buildings they work in.

Life in the Fast Lane: Driving HashiCorp Okta Adoption With Productiv

Matt Egan, Okta
Jody Shapiro, Productiv

SaaS applications accelerate innovation by enabling anytime, anywhere work but the ease with which they can be purchased and proliferate within an organization can be a nightmare for IT. For Jim Fazzone, Head of IT at fast-growing, fully-remote HashiCorp, SaaS Management created an opportunity for IT to partner with the business to create repeatable processes that drive Okta adoption and increase employee productivity. Join this session and learn: * How to enable the business to maximize the value from SaaS without sacrificing security or compliance * How to map Okta login data to SaaS application engagement data to paint the most complete picture of enterprise SaaS usage * How Productiv helped HashiCorp increase the total number of Okta-integrated applications from 66% to 81%.

How DataOps & Cloud Data Access are Forcing Data Teams to Evolve

Sumit Sarkar, Immuta
Ryan Naughton, The Center for New Data
Paige Bartley

As the COVID-19 crisis deepens, so does the need for robust, data-driven research. That’s why the Center for New Data launched its Covid Alliance program in the early days of the pandemic, bringing together epidemiologists, virologists, policy experts, and data scientists to use data to understand the spread and impact of COVID to help shape public policy and health response. The goal of the project is to deliver sophisticated data analytics on highly sensitive data sets at startup speeds with public health scale. In this session, experts from the Center for New Data and Immuta will discuss the challenges associated with accelerating access to data while maintaining strong data governance, particularly when involving access to individual-level data.. The session will explore how the Covid Alliance is stitching together billions of data points from key government, proprietary, and public-use datasets and accelerating research-response cycles with researcher collaboration and government coordination while preserving privacy and ensuring compliance with regulations and contractual data rights. Presenters will look at how the Covid Alliance is leveraging Okta and Immuta to confidently authenticate a diverse set of users and authorize different levels of analyses while extending authorization not just to the database level, but to the row, column and cell-level.

Investing in Identity: Themes and Trends for the Year Ahead

Monty Gray, Okta
Xuezhao Lan, Basis Set Ventures
Yodfat Harel Buchris, Blumberg Capital
Miki Reynolds, Grid110.com

Join leaders in venture capital as they discuss new trends in identity, privacy, and security investing.

Security Benefits Integrating Identity with Detection and Response

Lital Asher, Hunters

Identity plays a central role in cyber attacks, and it offers a window of opportunity for organizations to detect and respond to security incidents in a timely manner. But finding attacks based on authentication data is hard: it requires knowledge, context, the ability to link authentication data to insight from other security and IT tools, and the ability to sort through mountains of false alerts. Extended Detection and Response - XDR - is an emerging security capability that was developed to connect data from multiple sources and apply out of the box detection and response modules to help security teams effectively identify and stop attacks.

Beyond Zero Touch: Lifecycle Automation with Okta Workflows & MDM

Nate Callaghan, Okta
Weldon Dodd, Kandji

Zero-touch deployment gives new employees a streamlined, user-driven onboarding experience, but what happens when a team member is promoted to a new position, switches teams, or even moves on to a new organization? How do you empower them with the right access, apps, and tools throughout their journey? Streamlining the user lifecycle involves identity and device management (MDM) workflows working together to create a better user experience.

In this session, we’ll cover opportunities for automating components of the user lifecycle that are critical and often prone to friction or manual error. See a live demo of the connector Kandji developed to integrate our Apple MDM solution with Okta Workflows and get insight into common ways our customers are automating the user lifecycle to reduce friction and empower their teams.


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