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Oktane19 may be over, but the insights go far beyond it. Here’s your chance to see what you missed.
Hear how today’s leaders are shaping tomorrow’s technology and building modern, more effective workplaces.

Make Complex Global Deployments a Breeze with Okta

Rahul Kumar, Chapter Lead - Architecture & Integration, GAF
Stephen Vaughan, Director Technical Operations, GAF
Heath Johnson, Technical Operations Manager, Messaging and Directory Services, GAF
Marissa Monaco, Senior Customer Success Manager, Okta

Dealing with mergers and acquisitions? Don't know where to start when you have different identity solutions all around the world? Hear from a company that standardized on Okta to remove the complexity of a major global deployment.

Lessons in IT Leadership: Process Management – A Force Multiplier

Mark Settle, CIO, Okta

Effective process management is the only way that IT organizations can maximize returns on their existing investments in people and technology. Unfortunately, process management is more of an acquired skill than an instinctive behavior for many IT leaders. Join Mark Settle – seven time CIO and author of “Truth from the Trenches” – for a coaching session on the process competencies that will be critical to the success of your IT organization in the next decade.

How Priceline Drives Efficiency, Simplicity, and Security by “Okta-fying” Everything

Joe Dropkin, Principal Engineer, Priceline.com
Michelle Brinich, Integrations Manager, Okta

Priceline serves travelers around the globe 24/7, and keeping everything secure and simple for internal teams empowering a world of travelers requires best-in-class technologies. Since deploying Okta, Priceline has expanded their use cases to “Okta-fy” a variety of enterprise challenges. Learn how Priceline utilizes Okta to add authentication quickly and painlessly to apps (built or bought), to bring IT and HR together (via AD and Workday) in one seamless system to manage employee accounts, to gain visibility into SaaS app usage, to connect independently-managed directories to a common app, and more.

VMware + Okta: Securely Embrace Your Digital Workspace

Camilo Lotero, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, VMware
Steven D’Sa, Staff Sales Engineer, VMware
Ben Goodwin, Director, Digital ERP Services, Phillips 66

What happens when you combine the leader in Access Management and the leader in Unified Endpoint Management? The best user experience and the slickest management experience. Exactly one year after announcing our partnership, this session will catch you up on all the joint development that’s been taking place behind the scenes. We will show you the latest management integrations that make it easier than ever to have a single point of administration across the platforms, and a user experience that sinks seamlessly into the background so users get the consumer like experience they demand.

Unlocking Business Value with SaaS Engagement Data

Jody Shapiro, Co-Founder & CEO, Productiv
Aashish Chandarana, SVP Partnerships, Fox Corporation

Jody Shapiro, the former global head of the Google Analytics’ enterprise business, and Paul Cheesbrough, CTO at FOX, will discuss how companies are addressing SaaS application right sizing and engagement to unlock employee productivity. The discussion will be based around a new CIO research report on these topics, and session attendees will receive a free copy of that report. This session is relevant for CIO, CTO and IT Directors responsible for SaaS application strategies, management and costs.

Working with Your Extended Enterprise: Partners, Contractors, and More

Edward Hiser, Project Manager, Dick's Sporting Goods
Eva Sciulli, Senior Software Manager, Dick's Sporting Goods
Daniel Lu, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Okta

Modern organizations are increasingly required to manage users that are more complex than traditional employees. These non-traditional users might be contractors, temp workers, third-party partners, vendors, or others. IT needs to ensure all these users, many whom IT may not directly own, get proper access to internal resources and applications without increasing the security risks. This might mean proper deprovisioning of a population that is in constant flux or enforcing MFA for users you don’t have control over. Learn how Okta helps with your extended enterprise and hear how Dick’s Sporting Goods manages this problem with Okta.

Building and Running Infrastructure at Scale: How We Do It at Okta

Jon Todd, Chief Architect, Okta
Lauren Havertz, Staff Technical Program Manager, Okta

This talk will dive into how Okta delivers a secure, scalable and reliable service built on AWS. We'll cover lessons from the trenches and concrete patterns for anyone delivering mission critical functionality on modern cloud infrastructure.

How Secure Collaboration Powers Television Hits

Bryan Mann, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Dropbox
Gabe Cortina, CTO, Bunim/Murray Productions

You may know Bunim/Murray Productions as the company that creates hits such as The Real World and Keeping Up with the Kardashians - but did you know they rely on Dropbox and Okta to power secure collaboration to bring these series to life? Gabe Cortina, CTO, Bunim/Murray Productions, shares how Dropbox and Okta allow for simple provisioning to manage contractors and enable streamlined collaboration, ensuring the right people have access to the data needed to produce hits without compromising security (or leaking spoilers).

Drive Digital Transformation in Traditional Industries with Okta

Ilir Lako, Program Manager, Dignity Health
Sascha Kaltsios, Head of Digital Workplace, Hannover Re
Amara Okoli, Senior Customer Success Manager, Okta

In today’s world both your employees and customers expect seamless access to systems of interaction. Hear how Dignity Health and Hannover Re have transformed the way they interact with their stakeholders using Okta.

The Art of Workforce Productivity in the Extended Enterprise

Mitch O’Brien, Senior Product Manager, Fuze
Alex Perlovich, Director of Infrastructure and Networking, Paysafe
Brent Arrington, Services Architect, Okta
Michele Buschman, VP Information Services, American Pacific Mortgage
Mason Spencer, Application Engineer, CareerBuilder

For many organizations today, the new norm is an extended enterprise made up of local and remote employees, contractors, and partners, accessing on-prem and cloud resources, across an array of devices. This new and still-evolving work environment presents challenges. But despite the complexity, it is possible to embrace flexibility, drive collaboration, enable productivity, and maintain enterprise security–all at the same time. Join this session to hear from a panel of industry experts as they explore the risks and challenges of hybrid teams and the role that technology plays in it, how to implement the right communications tools and strategies to address emerging needs, how to ensure security across distributed teams, and how to increase productivity in today’s workforce.

Okta + Microsoft: Maximize Your Now

Willie Clemons, IAM Manager, EBSCO
Al Dixon, Principal IT Security Architect, EBSCO
Rich Kellen, CISO, Qorvo
Steve Chan, Group Product Marketing Manager, Competition, Okta

Every business wants to execute IT initiatives faster, adopt technologies more easily, eliminate complexity, and accelerate adoption of Office 365. Join us and learn how EBSCO Industries and Qorvo used Okta to maximize their Microsoft environment. In the second half our guests will demystify ELAs and explain exactly how to true down your Microsoft licenses to pay less but get more.

Bringing Modern Identity to Infrastructure Access

Jordan Conard, Senior Security Systems Engineer, Mailchimp
Snegha Ramnarayanan, Security Specialist, Okta
Ivan Dwyer, Group Product Marketing Manager, Okta

Okta brings modern approach to a common pain point - securing access to Linux and Windows machines via SSH and RDP. Learn how Okta’s revolutionary Zero Trust architecture eliminates the pain points around credential and shared account management, extending seamless Okta identity & access across your cloud infrastructure fleets for admin users and automated DevOps toolchains alike.

Roadmap: Unleash the Full Power of the Okta Integration Network (OIN)

Chuck Fontana, VP, Okta Integrations + Strategic Partnerships, Okta
David Nissen, Director of Product Management, OIN Platform, Okta
Maggie Adams, Business Development Manager, Okta

Okta continues to evolve our platform to help you get even more value from your existing technologies. Join this session to learn about the latest features that enable you to unify your approach to identity-driven security, as well as specific new integrations in the Okta Integration Network. Get a sneak peek into the new catalog design, explore developer community enhancements, see OIDC in action, uncover new platform capabilities, and more. This is your chance to hear from product leaders and provide feedback to help guide Okta’s development of the next generation of features and integrations to power your enterprise security strategy.

Mastering SaaS Operations in High-Growth Companies

Vicky Couturier, IT Director, InVision
Michoel Ogince, VP Strategy, Intello

We’re NOW working in a SaaS-first world — bringing with it a mountain of challenges. There is minimal visibility into app spend and usage, connected applications share sensitive data, and Shadow IT continues to surge. These problems are magnified many times over in high-growth companies. How can IT & Security teams excel at managing the ever-growing number of SaaS applications? Join the Head of IT at InVision, Vicky Couturier and Intello’s VP of Strategy, Michoel Ogince as they explore solutions to SaaS challenges at high-growth companies. Expect insights into internal processes, workflows, and mastering SaaS Ops in distributed teams.

Manage Your Communication Platform with Ease

Abhishek Balaji, Product Manager, Zoom
Sam Bryson, IT Manager, Medallia

Bring your teams together with Okta and Zoom! Learn how our customers use Okta identity services to securely deploy, provision and, access Zoom.

Keys to Adoption: Delivering Change to the End User

Jill Porubovic, GVP, Technical Workforce, Discovery
Brian Jerome, Senior Customer Success Manage, Okta

“If you build it, they will come” works for some things. But when you deploy a new identity system you need a plan to ensure your users adopt it. Discovery Communications has cracked the code on how to ensure a successful rollout. Join this session to get actionable advice on how to do this right.

The Expert Guide to Building the Custom Okta Integrations You Need

Darren Linden, Senior Director of Information Technology, Alliance Data Systems
Sandy Dalal, Director, I&AM Services, Allergan
Saravanan Thiyagarajan, Director, IAM, Wiley
Sonali Vaidya, Senior Sales Engineer, Okta

Want to easily provision and deprovision users into your company’s unique ecosystem of applications, and provide simple, secure access to enterprise apps–on prem or in the cloud? You can! There’s a lot you can do with the pre-built connectors in the Okta Integration Network, and when you have custom business processes and applications to integrate, Okta can help with that, too. Join this session to hear from the experts on how to create custom integrations using standard protocols:

  • Allergan created a vendor-supported identity control center using Okta and the Aquera SCIM Gateway to provide automated LCM, attribute mastering, and IGA imports across their applications
  • Alliance Data created a multi-datacenter solution using SPGateway and Okta to bring SSO, MFA, and fine-grained access policies to multiple business units
  • Wiley created SCIM integrations to SAP SuccessFactors and downstream applications to create a central identity system to create accounts, manage attributes, and deprovision users

WAM! Bam! Kapow! Hybrid IT Made Easy with Okta

Ranjeet Thakur, Platform Manager, Architect - IAM, Hitachi Vantara
Anurag Kakaria, Sr. Director, Application Delivery Services, Hitachi Vantara
Sandeep Kumbhat, Master Principal Solutions Architect, Okta
Kam Ahuja, Senior Services Architect, Okta

Organizations are modernizing to the cloud, but many still rely on legacy and on-prem infrastructure such as WAM products. These investments that will not be going away anytime soon and often must co-exist with new tools that IT is bringing on. Come learn how Okta can support a hybrid IT model that enables a single pane of glass to manage your entire identity layer, regardless of where access is needed.