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Customer Success

The Seven Essentials of Success

Join Okta’s Customer Success leaders, Cole Breidenbach, Mike Brophy, and Talia Isreal as they share our seven principles of success. In this session, you’ll learn how to assess and calculate ROI, how to drive meaningful value for your business, and how to use those value drivers to plan for success and supercharge adoption. Leverage the same methodology we use to get thousands of companies live and thriving with Okta.

Spotlight: DeNA's Game Changer

DeNA is a mobile focused Internet services company that powers e-commerce and gaming sites worldwide. Since it’s founding in 1999, DeNA's culture has remained rooted in the idea of constantly embracing new challenges. This applies not only to the company culture, but also to their progressive identity strategy. Okta has enabled DeNa to undergo a complete cloud transformation with over 175 applications today. Join Francois Penel, IT Producer at DeNA, and hear how DeNA accomplished this, what challenges they've overcome and how they assess business value to expand to DeNA’a customers and partners.

Spotlight: Time Warner Brings Entertainment to the Cloud

Time Warner is all about the cloud. Join Anirudha Kinare, Senior Manager of Architecture and Support at Time Warner, for a deep dive on the company’s cloud transformation. Hear how identity is at the center of Time Warner’s progressive IT strategy, how Time Warner successfully migrated 100+ applications from Dell to Okta, and the consistent focus the company has on both end-user and admin interfaces to drive adoption. You’ll also learn about Time Warner’s consolidation of user stores across HBO, Warner Brothers, Time Warner and Turner.

Spotlight: Taking M&A from Zero to Production

M&A events often cause a giant headache for IT. Not for KCura. News of KCura’s acquisition hit IT on a Friday and by the following week, all NewCO employees had full access to Slack and Office 365, with email and SharePoint content available via Okta. Join Rob Fischer, Senior Manager of IT at KCura for an in-depth discussion on how this was accomplished. Rob will also share tips on how he accelerated end-user adoption.

The Best Kept Secret Shouldn't be a Secret: Customer Success as a Culture

Customer Success has redefined the relationship you should have with your most strategic vendors. Have you heard about Customer Success from a partner’s perspective? Join us for an informative panel, moderated by Okta’s Chief Customer Officer, Krista Anderson. Top Customer Success leaders from Okta's partner portfolio will share how they partner with IT to help drive real business value and ensure success on your toughest IT projects.