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You Had Me at Hello: Developing Great Login and Registration

Morgan Eisler, Okta
Sai Maddali, Okta

Registration and login are the front door to your application or portal, and the part of the application your users will experience first, and most frequently. In this talk, we'll discuss ways to design and deliver great UX to drive better adoption.

Leveraging Rapid Application Onboarding to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Brent Wissbrod, Accenture

One of the key challenges faced by companies on a digital transformation journey is integrating their application inventory with next generation services and standards. Providing an application onboarding framework which produces consistent results and that can keep up with the speed of the business is critical. Let’s explore how to initiate an effective application onboarding approach that can scale to meet the needs of our largest enterprise clients.

The New App Stack

Josh Cincinnati, Lyft
Daniel Greenfeld, Cartwheel Web
Craig Kerstiens, Citus Data
Fosco Marotto, Facebook
Randall Degges, Okta

The way teams build applications has changed dramatically with the advent of the cloud ecosystem. Instead of custom building every part of an application, modern development teams are instead assembling applications with cloud-based building blocks like Twilio, Stripe, AWS, and Okta Dev Platform. Come learn how the new app stack can radically change your speed to market and dev costs.

What the Heck is OpenIDConnect?

Karl McGuinness, Okta

Forget about the frustration of SAML and your worries about how to secure your API and single page applications. In this talk, you’ll learn how OpenID Connect will help you secure your APIs as well as your web, mobile, single-page, and desktop applications.

Tales from the Front Line: API Access Management in the Real World

Praveen Kumar, Experian
Kenn Bryant, Pitney Bowes
Srikant Varadarajan, Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes and Experian discuss their views on challenges in the API economy, and specifically the challenges they faced, and how they integrated Apigee and Okta’s API Access Management into a single, powerful platform. In this session, Pitney Bowes will describe how they secured connections to and within their Commerce Cloud for their SendPro application. Further, Experian will share their integration experience, which has allowed them to launch API services to provide partners and customers access to their data and systems.

The Future of the Okta API, our DevEx and API Access Management

Alex Salazar, Okta

In March, Okta acquired Stormpath to accelerate our Platform product. Come see how that injection of new DNA has already improved the product, and get a sneak peek at what’s coming soon to help you build modern web, mobile, and API-driven applications.

Designing Beautiful REST + JSON APIs

Les Hazlewood, Okta

Many APIs claim to be RESTful, but what does that mean? How do you build APIs that scale effortlessly and can power both web and mobile applications? In this talk, you’ll learn the “hows” and “whys” of building RESTful interfaces, and gain a deep understanding of how to design a REST API with JSON the right way.

Bootiful Development with Spring Boot and Angular

Matt Raible, Okta

To simplify development and deployment, you want everything in the same artifact, so you put your Angular app “inside” your Spring Boot app, right? But what if you could create your Angular app as a standalone app and make cross-origin requests to your API? This session shows how to develop with Java 8, Spring Boot, Angular 4, and TypeScript. You’ll learn how to create REST endpoints with Spring MVC, Spring Data REST, configure Spring Boot to allow CORS, and create an Angular app to display its data. We’ll also touch on microservices, security/authentication, and deploying to Cloud Foundry.