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Customer Success

Customer Spotlight: Experian Charges Forward

Alpa Jain, Experian
Cole Breidenbach, Okta

Experian’s 125 year business has transformed from a credit bureau to a data services technology company that empowers Experian employees, partners, and consumers with a diverse set of tools–all consolidated on one identity standard. Join VP of Strategy Alpa Jain, to hear how Okta is a catalyst for Experian’s technology innovation as it leads the industry in monetizing the API micro-services economy. Learn about the Value Playbook Experian used to drive adoption of Okta globally across 17,000 employees and 100% of its internal and business-serving apps, including retiring six on-prem identity services within months and providing the identity layer for the Credit Tracker consumer app.

Amway Builds Global Identity in the Cloud from the Ground Up

Peter Richardson, Amway
Brian Hibma, Amway

Amway is an $8.8 billion direct selling business based in Ada, Michigan, USA operating in over 100 countries around the world. Amway needed a single, global authentication platform for customers and millions of business owners' online accounts. To date, each Amway market has employed a separate identity provider and credentials have been shared among the members in a business account. With a dedicated team that was focused on the global solution we were able to produce a business-changing, cost-effective solution using the latest cloud technologies including Okta, AWS Lambda, AWS Cloudfront, and AWS APIGateway to standardize our approach and leverage a single identify provider for our global online presence. This presentation will focus on the journey toward the desired global solution highlighting on lessons learned, team needed, automation of development tasks and cloud technologies.

Customer Zero: Okta on Okta

Stephanie Dwight, Okta
Christopher Flynn, Okta

We're not in Sales. We’re not Product Managers. Not Execs either. We’re Okta’s customer zero.

Every IT Department uses Okta differently. Learn how the IT team at Okta leverages our own platform to deliver a great experience to Okta’s employees and to simplify our day-to-day IT operations. We’ll cover key milestones like Workday as a Master, Okta Mobility Management, sign-in policies, and more. Join us for a true IT-professional-to-IT-professional discussion with lots of time for Q&A.

Top Methods to Improving Your Cloud Security Posture

Jerry Sto. Tomas, Apria Healthcare
Neelum Khan, Netskope

It’s no secret that cloud service adoption is on the rise. But for many organizations, it continues to come at the perceived cost of creating gaps in your security posture. In this session, you’ll learn how you can drastically improve your approach to protecting cloud applications from data loss, preventing threats, and responding to security incidents. You’ll also learn how to reduce your cloud attack surface by using automation to ensure that the right users have the appropriate entitlements for their role.

Becoming an IT Leader: Theory vs. Practice

Mark Settle, Okta

You’ve escaped the day-to-day demands on your time by coming to Oktane. Why not join Mark Settle – seven time CIO and author of Truth from the Trenches – for a coaching session on the key traits and practices of successful IT leaders? Before you return to the office and resume your normal responsibilities, learn some of the time-tested tips & tricks that successful IT execs use to make their teams more effective and advance their own careers. This is the perfect session for emerging IT leaders trying to take their careers to the next level – spend 45 minutes with one of the best IT career coaches you’ll ever meet!