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Okta Roadmap: The Next Lifecycle Frontier

George Kwon, Okta

In this session, you’ll learn some of our homegrown best practices on how to tackle the future of identities, resources, and access lifecycles. This will include enhancements to existing on-prem and cloud directory integrations, provisioning integrations to cloud apps, and governing access through reporting and policies. We’ll share information about in-flight projects, as well as our future vision and direction in the space.

Scaling Business Communications with Secure, No Headache Connections

Imran Kazi, Carvana
Mitch Tarica, RingCentral

Learn how Okta and RingCentral supported Carvana's fast rollout of 40 locations within 15 months. Hear Carvana Director of IT Imran Kazi and RingCentral SVP of Sales Mitch Tarica discuss the efficiency of the cloud and Carvana’s business needs by leveraging Okta’s secure connection alongside RingCentral’s communications platform.

Lifecycle Management: There’s an API for That

Joël Franusic, Okta

This session is for savvy developer teams looking to take advantage of the flexibility of implementing a custom onboarding or offboarding flow using Okta APIs. Okta has made a significant investment to allow developers to do exactly that, but faster than ever before. Attend this session to learn about the power of Okta’s APIs and how they work. We’ll cover sign-in and registration, managing users, groups, and apps, along with other interesting APIs you should be familiar with for custom projects in a live demo format.

Uplevel Your Out-of-the-Box Lifecycle Management Systems

Diana Birsan, Shopify
Dan Bowden, Xero
Dave Lavelle, Pure Storage
Rafael Kabesa, Okta

New to managing identity lifecycles? Do you still rely on scripts or manual processes and tickets? In this session we'll cover the basics of lifecycle management, along with all the latest features released in the Okta Lifecycle Management product. This session will also include how to use Okta to automatically create accounts in downstream applications, how to sync multiple sources into Universal Directory, how to leverage that to create groups with specific access to applications and entitlements, and how you generate reports to figure out who has access to what. A panel of Okta LM customers will also share their use cases.

Directories, Lifecycles, and Digital Transformation

Herminia Gomez, National Geographic
Marc Jordan, Okta

Transforming an enterprise is rarely a straightforward task, and reimagining decades-old business processes around employee onboarding and end-to-end lifecycle management is just one piece of that complexity. Learn how Okta can integrate with legacy software solutions and directories including Active Directory or LDAP and how Okta can help you modernize without disrupting the day to day operations. Join Herminia Gomez from National Geographic and Marc Jordan from Okta as they discuss how NatGeo reimagined their architecture, workflows, and business processes during a partial acquisition by 21st Century Fox in 2015.

Build a Single Source of Truth for Your Digital Identities

Aaron Yee, Okta
Isaac Brumer, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

In many organizations, users' identity data is a mess. Identities are housed in multiple, disconnected data stores, and attributes are formatted inconsistently. This is a challenge for IT teams who need to create a single source of truth to power an IDM system. Good data is needed to provision accounts and automate access management. Learn how Okta can aggregate multiple data sources, transform the data to clean it, and ultimately use it.

Managing Unconventional Lifecycles Like a Rockstar

Amy Kim, Okta

Managing identities in any organization is a challenge, but it is a compounding exercise when doing that with identities not coming from HR (e.g. contractors, contingent workers, or partners). The requirements for onboarding, offboarding, and governing their access is necessarily different from your employees. In this session, you’ll learn how Okta can help manage these unique lifecycles, what's coming soon to further alleviate the burden on IT, and our long term vision in this area.

Okta + Identity Governance: Who Has Access to What?

Sandeep Kumbhat, Okta
Vikas Tyagi, CyberInc

Reporting on Identity and Access Management events could be a daunting task. Learn how Okta can dramatically simplify the Access Reporting process for your application and GRC stakeholders and address the “Who has Access to What?” requirement. This session will also feature Okta’s integration approach with IGA vendors around Application On-boarding, Access Certification and Closed loop Remediation, while addressing the most common Compliance reporting requirements.

Okta + ServiceNow: Extend and Customize Lifecycle Workflows

Kyle Diedrich, Okta
John Haberland, ServiceNow

Two platforms equal one powerful solution. Learn how workflow orchestration with ServiceNow and Okta can automate many of your manual processes. This session will cover provisioning rich user profiles from Okta to ServiceNow, fully automating onboarding and offboarding to include non-app related tasks, allowing users to make requests for more than access to apps, and a powerful way to handle modern security incidents related to mobile devices.