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Customer Spotlight: A Seamless, Identity-Driven Approach to Mobile Device Management

Art delaCruz, Team Rubicon
Jessica Bertz, Okta

Organizations want to realize the flexibility and productivity benefits that mobility can provide, but struggle with how to secure corporate apps and data on an increasing number of devices. Join Art delaCruz from Team Rubicon, a highly effective disaster response organization, and Okta’s Jessica Bertz, to learn how Okta’s identity-driven approach to mobile management helps  Team Rubicon's small team quickly give volunteers access to critical apps like Palantir on mobile devices — something they wouldn’t have been able to do as securely as they can now.

How Howard Hughes Corp Enables Collaboration + Control with Dropbox + Okta

Vibha Gore, Howard Hughes Corporation
David Stafford, Dropbox

The cloud has unlocked new opportunities for collaboration in the workplace — bridging data silos, eliminating geographic barriers, and enabling teams to use the tools they love to work together. But how do you secure employee access to these tools and the data your teams share while driving user adoption? Join David Stafford, Head of Enterprise Solutions at Dropbox, to learn how businesses can embrace a user-centric IT strategy to empower employees, increase productivity, and drive innovation. You’ll also hear from Vibha Gore, Senior IT Director at Howard Hughes Corporation, who’ll share how she’s leveraged Okta and Dropbox to enable secure content sharing and collaboration across a range of design and construction projects that bring together diverse teams of internal and external contributors.

Demystifying Device Trust

Teju Shyamsundar, Okta

Different browsers, platforms (Windows, iOS, Android, Mac), and applications make device trust a complicated topic. Learn how we're working to simplify device trust and empower you to only allow users with devices that meet your security standards to access corporate apps and data.

Securing Office 365 & G Suite on Mobile Devices

Owen Fuller, The Weitz Company
Snegha Ramnarayanan, Okta

Office 365 and G Suite enable your employees to be productive anywhere, on any device. IT can no longer rely solely on traditional tools to secure access and the data contained in these apps. Join Okta's Snegha Ramnarayanan and Owen Fuller from Weitz, one of the oldest general contractors in the United States, to learn how Okta can help simplify Office 365 / G Suite migrations and deployment to mobile devices while enhance security by controlling access to only trusted devices.

Increase Your Mobile Workforce Productivity

Derik Bibb, Bottomline Technologies
Ankit Garg, Okta

Many organization struggle to balance mobile device security with the seamless mobile access to corporate apps and data that employees want. Join Okta's Ankit Garg and Derik Bibb from Bottomline Technologies, an innovator in business payment automation technology for 30 years, to learn how Okta's unique identity driven mobile management solution allows IT to give users a privacy sensitive enrollment, custom app store, and one touch access while giving IT the mobile device security and control they want.

Panel: Mobility Management Challenges and How to Overcome Them

CJ Wiemer, kCura
Owen Fuller, The Weitz Company
Kelsey van Haaster, ThoughtWorks
Michael Paiko, Okta

Mobility management can be a complex undertaking. In this Q&A session, you’ll learn best practices from a panel of your peers including CJ Wiemer, Information Systems Security Engineer at kCura; Kelsey van Haaster, Product Owner, Identity at ThoughtWorks; and Owen Fuller, Systems Administrator at Weitz on how to make mobile management stress-free for IT while getting end-users to even like it. Come prepared to participate in this interactive session.

Okta Mobility Management Roadmap & Demo

Naveed Makhani, Okta

Get an early look into the exciting capabilities our mobility team is working on to solve your gnarliest challenges created by a workforce that can work from anywhere, on any device, at any time.