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There Are No More Outsiders

Colin Anderson, Levi Strauss & Co.
Richard Bird, Optiv

In this age of organizations scrambling to finally include identity as the core of their security strategy  we still divide the world into a fictitious construct of “insiders” and “outsiders”. Phishing has exposed the truth of what many already knew; that an “outsider” does not truly exist once internal credentials have been breached. That “outsider” is now fully an “insider” and due to our security frameworks still being highly oriented towards protecting the perimeter, monitoring and management of internal user credentials is still highly deficient in most companies. Instead of thinking about “insiders” and “outsiders”, it is time to acknowledge that there are no more “outsiders”. There are only actors that you are in relationship with and those you are not yet in relationship with. Learn how you can rethink the problem of identity and uncover new methods and approaches to protect your company by attending this session, led by the former global head of identity for JPMorgan Chase and current Executive Advisory consultant for Optiv, Richard Bird, and Colin Anderson, Global Chief Information Security Officer at Levi Strauss & CO.

Okta Security Roadmap: Safeguarding Users from Account Compromise

Alex Bovee, Okta
Sami Laine, Okta

Credentials continue to be the crown jewels for today’s threat actors, and the methods they use to distribute malware and use social engineering to capture credentials grows increasingly effective and sophisticated every year. In this session, Alex Bovee, Okta’s director of product management, will share Okta’s roadmap for safeguarding credentials and accounts from compromise in today’s borderless computing landscape.

Security by Design: An End-to-End View of Okta’s Cloud Service Safeguards

Yassir Abousselham, Okta

As it turns out, when you’ve built the industry’s leading IDaaS solution, you’re a hot target for threat actors. That’s why Okta is built from the ground-up to provide the most secure, trusted and reliable Identity Cloud for the world’s largest businesses and applications. Join Yassir Abousselham, Okta’s chief security officer, for an in-depth view into the exhaustive steps Okta takes to harden its service, maintain a secure development lifecycle, and safeguard customer data.

Customer Spotlight: How MGM Uses Identity to Secure Users, Customers and Partners

Elena Seiple, MGM Resorts

Is Identity core to improving your organization’s security posture? For MGM, Identity is the foundation of everything—not just for its 62,000+ employees, but also its patrons through its M life loyalty program. In this session Elena Seiple, MGM’s Executive Director of Security Operations, will give an inside view into how MGM is tackling Identity today, tomorrow, and its vision for the future.

From Detection to Response - Identity in the Cybersecurity Framework

Seth Paxton, GoDaddy
Jason Veiock, GoDaddy
Jason Silvera, Informatica
Joe Diamond, Okta

According to Verizon’s 2017 DBIR, 8 out of 10 breaches involve stolen or weak credentials. Clearly, authentication and identity play an important role in an organization’s security strategy. Learn how two companies, Informatica and GoDaddy, are using authentication data to help detect and prevent compromises as well as leverage this data in incident response processes and overall security.

Executive Panel: Identity … Who Owns It? (IT, Security, Legal, HR?)

Jaswinder Hayre, Dow Jones
Ralph Loura, Rodan+Fields
Christine Sullivan, City Year
Steve Callison, Cardinal Health
Mark Settle, Okta

The epitome of cross-functional, Identity has the distinct pleasure of impacting every single department, business owner and user within an organization. Yet it’s not always clear who owns it. Often times, it’s jointly owned across IT, security, legal and HR. But as the old business adage goes … ‘if everyone owns it, no one owns it.’ Join Okta's CIO Mark Settle with Jaswinder Hayre, Dow Jones, CISO; Ralph Loura, Rodan + Fields, CTO; Steve Callison, Cardinal Health, VP, Enterprise IT; and Christine Sullivan, City Year, VP of IT Services in a panel as we explore the intricacies of IAM ownership across today’s modern enterprise.

Customer Spotlight: How Caesars Deployed IAM and CASB to Enforce Security

Les Ottolenghi, Caesars Entertainment
Srini Gurrapu, Skyhigh

When you’re in the gaming industry, nothing is left to chance, especially security. And that extends beyond the casino floor all the way into the cloud services that the business runs on. In this session Les Ottolenghi, CIO at Caesers Entertainment will outline the pressing cloud security use cases they identified around identity, apps, and data and share lessons learned as his team deployed IDM and CASB together to enforce their security, compliance, and governance policies across O365, Salesforce, Google, Box, ServiceNow and other cloud services.

Responding to Insider Threats with Authentication and Endpoint Data

Mark Hubbard, Code42
Sami Laine, Okta

The increased risk of Insider threats pose a real challenge to today's growing cloud workforce. Malicious or benign, intentional or accidental, data loss from the inside is a serious threat. In this session, you’ll learn how Code42 and Okta have partnered to offer an end-to-end solution for data security in the Cloud that can identify, react and respond quickly to security threats leveraging authentication and endpoint data.