Accelerate Cloud Adoption to Enable Remote Work

According to IDC, cloud spend is out-pacing non-cloud spend by 8x. We already knew that movement to the cloud would be crucial for organizations, but the current state of affairs have possibly accelerated it for many. With this Cloud Revolution, employees and partners are generating more data in more places, include cloud, mobile and legacy apps; and all of that data needs protecting. The traditional perimeter is dissolving, with the user becoming the new perimeter, so a new identity-centric security strategy is required. That’s where Okta and Atlassian come in.

With Okta’s identity engine technology and Atlassian’s Access cloud suite, organizations can provide employees secure access to the tools they need to be successful and productive. Tune in to this webinar to learn how leveraging Okta and Atlassian together can result in simple and secure authentication for your workforce and peace of mind for your security team.

Watch the Webinar

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