athenahealth: Innovating the Patient Experience with Okta


athenahealth strives to create a thriving healthcare ecosystem that delivers accessible, high-quality, sustainable healthcare for all. Critical to realizing that vision is enabling their providers to easily and securely interact with multiple technology solutions, other practitioners, and ancillary services on different networks. Data needs to be accessible, but also heavily protected to ensure that only properly authorized individuals can access it. By implementing Okta, athenahealth has taken further steps to unify their users across separate patient portals that make web and mobile access more secure with less friction.

In this webinar, Jeremie Certes, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Okta, is joined by Patrick Hursen, Director of Engineering at athenahealth; they’ll discuss why athenahealth chose Okta when deciding on an identity and access management partner, and how Okta bridges security gaps and delivers a more seamless digital experience for all users.