Best Practices for Pulling Identities Together

The average employee today logs into tens of applications to get their work done and managing access is becoming a critical issue modern IT departments are facing. Traditionally, these apps were on-prem and IT had easy control over and visibility into who had access to what. Now, more employees are adopting cloud apps outside the purview of IT. One department is adopting Box, another is adopting Google Drive, and yet another is adopting Dropbox. And nobody is telling IT. How can IT offer the tools their employees demand to stay productive, while still protecting the organization?

Hear Redmond Magazine and Okta experts discuss best practices organizations use to corral those accounts, and make sure they're used without compromising the organization.

Discussion topics include how organizations:

  • unify identity and authentication processes with Single Sign-On 
  • gain visibility into the SaaS apps used by employees
  • enforce secure password policies for users on SaaS apps
  • educate users to now reuse passwords and skirt company policies

Watch the Webinar

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