CDP & CIAM: The Dynamic Duo 


Can the convergence of Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) solutions and CDPs unlock new success in driving customer-centric marketing as cookies disappear and consumers grow more reluctant to share data? 

CIAM solutions are emerging as a foundational source of reliable customer data for fueling a CDP. In fact, a CIAM solution can unlock a wealth of insights on customers, as it helps unify customer data scattered across countless interactive channels. 

To learn more listen to the on-demand audio captured from the “CDP and CIAM: The Dynamic Duo” webinar hosted by the CDP Institute on February 29, 2024. 

Nicolas Rodet, SVP of Digital at Okta and expert in digital transformation, led the session and was joined by David Raab, Founder and CEO of the CDP Institute, serving as the moderator. It concluded with an open Q&A session, allowing all participants to ask questions regarding the dynamics of a CDP and CIAM solution working in tandem. 

Listen to explore:

  • A brief overview of CIAM solutions and their key functionalities and features 

  • How CIAM and CDP interlocks are helping organizations respond to the impending elimination of third-party cookies and increased demand on the part of consumers to maintain control over their personal information

  • How CIAM solutions responsibly collect customer data that is well-suited to deliver consistent and personalized omnichannel experiences via a CDP

  • Why CIAM solutions and CDP platforms work better together - facilitating the acquisition, management, and deployment of truly actionable data