CIAM for Dummies Webinar

What the heck is Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) and why should I care? 

Fair… and honestly, you may not be familiar with Customer Identity but it’s part of your life every day. Whether you log into your favorite app on your phone or sign up for a new online service. Customer Identity provides a digital identity layer that can be embedded into your customer-facing apps, websites, and portals.

In this 45 minute conversation, we’ll discuss how modern Customer Identity can help your organization deliver a secure, seamless customer experience for every user. We’ll dive in to the following topics: 

Why Customer Identity matters
How modern Customer Identity can help you and your organization
Best practices for Customer Identity

Every company, regardless of industry, must become a technology company to survive and thrive in the modern digital economy. Join us to learn more about how you can ensure your company is thinking through your Customer Identity and Access Management solution. 


Watch the Webinar

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