Customer Identity Cloud: Roadmap and Feature Releases

The future of Okta’s Customer Identity Cloud.

Get caught up in just 30 minutes.

Learn about the future of Okta’s Customer Identity Cloud (powered by Auth0) and get the latest features designed to empower developers, digital leaders, and security teams. 

You’ll walk away with tangible ways to improve the login experience, drive acquisition and take the weight off of your developer team. Get more from your consumer and SaaS applications!

Tune in to learn about

  • Passwordless within Universal Login
  • Support for Terms of Service collection on registration
  • Enhancements for highly regulated industries
  • Passkey and WebAuthn
  • Custom orgs and Workforce connections for SaaS use case
  • Developer experience upgrades
  • And lots more

Speaker: Salman Ladha, Senior Product Marketing Manager

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