Digital Defense: How Identity Management Supports Secure, Agile, Mission Delivery

Modernization of digital infrastructure is an essential part of keeping the Defense community’s mission on track. However, as cyber attacks loom, it is also vital that government’s critical information stays protected. Organizations must improve the agility of mission planning and delivery while ensuring that the right people have access to the right resources at the right time. How can identity, credential and access management tools align with migration to the cloud and other modern networks and strengthen government’s cyber posture? During this webcast, government thought-leaders and industry experts explored how Identity can play an important role in everything from the use of AI to the National Defense Strategy. Listen on demand to hear engaging discussions about additional topics such as:

  • Zero-Trust Model
  • Department of Defense Cloud Strategy
  • Inter-Departmental Cooperation


  • JASON HOWE, AF/A1 Chief Technology Officer and Chief Cloud Architect, United States Air Force
  • MICHAEL MCDONNELL, Senior Cloud Architect, CDO Technologies
  • ANDREW WHELCHEL, Principal Solutions Engineer, Okta

Watch the Webinar

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