Establishing Trust in a Zero Trust world is a Continuous Process

It’s no secret that the threat landscape has continued to evolve and successful attackers are no longer hacking in, but logging in. Zero Trust has shifted from an ideal to the security standard; but what does that really mean in a digital landscape where it feels like you can’t trust anyone or anything anymore?

When considering the role that Identity plays within Zero Trust, and evolution of identity based threats, it's important to treat Identity as a continuous process rather than a discrete event. A robust identity platform needs to provide the means to not only manage identity, verify users at every stage, but also continuously evaluate the validity of that users session.

Join us to hear more about:

  • Why Zero Trust is more than a buzzword with a look at the global trends from our annual Zero Trust report

  • What the three stages of Identity verification are, the potential threats at each stage, and how to stop them.

  • How to safeguard your ecosystem with continuous risk assessment with Identity-centric threat detection and response

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