The Future of Customer Identity

Customer data is the lifeblood of any business. With the demise of 3rd party data sources, having access to deterministic first and zero party data has become critical. However, common approaches to collecting and processing customer data, are holding marketing and digital teams back as data quality issues persist.

The 360 degree view is possible, but it requires a single source of truth for normalized, accurate and consented data. Join us as we uncover how Customer Identity is data and how marketers can leverage it to:

  1. Tailor the experience to meet users where they are - from anonymous to known to converted

  2. Build accurate, complete and compliant profiles

  3. Supercharge analytics with identity insights


Rebecca Nielsen, Specialist Leader, Deloitte

Liz Rivera, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Solution Product Marketing, Okta

Nilesh Panvalkar, Technology Fellow, Deloitte

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